One Common Mistake When It Comes to Family Finances

Your family budget looks great. For one thing, you have an emergency fund that has enough money to tide your family over for three to six months in case of a job loss or similar situation. Moreover, your budget makes provisions for expenses incurred and how much cash flow there is. It also allots money for items such as vacations, college savings accounts, and retirement accounts. However, there’s one potential area of weakness, and it comes in the form of a word that many people dislike: … [Read more...]

Creditfix’s Individual Voluntary Arrangement Helps Single Mothers Manage and Tailor Their Debt Repayment Schedules

What is an IVA? An individual voluntary arrangement allows you to pay off your creditors and make regular payments over a certain period of time. This arrangement requires you to convince at least 75% of your creditors to accept your proposition. And as a mother, when you are a single parent and the sole breadwinner of the house, this is an ideal deal for you because as long as you are making your regular IVA payments, your creditors cannot barge in on you. This is an ideal way to forgo your … [Read more...]

Parents & Finances: Common Money Problems

Along with being open to your children about aspects of your financial situation such as how much you earn, what your car costs or what you paid for a recent purchase, you need to know how to tackle a variety of financial concerns. Worrying about your money problems will not solve them. Finding ways to overcome them is the first step to financial recovery. Budget Common financial problems include not living within a budget. Parents are likely to encounter issues is if they do not take … [Read more...]

Parenting and Debt: Restoring your Finances and Consolidating Debt

Raising children and sustaining a family is a rewarding experience but managing finances can be challenging. With limited income to cater for difficult times, many parents face the task of balancing their work and children’s needs. The possibility of being in arrears on personal debts and bills makes it necessary to spare some time and research on how you can stabilize your finances on a long-term basis. Making numerous bad financial decisions can lead to major consumer debt over time. … [Read more...]

Parenting and Debt Consolidation Loans- Tips for Getting out of Debt

Debt is a problem that many households struggle with. Parents often accumulate debt from mortgages, credit cards, childcare costs and unexpected events. Without emergency funds to cover unforeseen circumstances and still being burdened by other lines of debt such as student loans, you can end up with a difficult financial situation. Debt Consolidation Consolidating debt refers to the process of combining the accounts that are paid on a monthly basis into a single payment rather than … [Read more...]

How to Get Help for An Unexpected Financial Emergency

Disclsoure: This post is sponsored by Check Into Cash. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own! Life happens to the best of us, it seems our world can come crashing down at any moment giving us the need to find financial assistance quickly. With state assistance not being an option for these rare and often times one-time financial emergencies there are programs like Check Into Cash that assist you in gaining back control during these hardships. What is a one-time unexpected financial … [Read more...]

Saving Money Online With Groupon Goods #Groupon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own! One of my favorite things to do is shop. Of course. Know what I love just as much as shopping? Saving money while I shop. I do a lot of my shopping online nowadays thanks to how convenient it is, as well as the great savings that are available. I am excited to tell you all about how you can save money with Groupon on items other than experiences! Whenever I think of Groupon, I usually think of saving on … [Read more...]

Inspired Ideas To Help You Save Money Every Day

More and more of us seem to be struggling to make ends meet each month. Shopping trips seem to cost more money, but income doesn’t seem to be going up. It’s tough when you have to start cutting back, but it’s also a good way to avoid getting into financial trouble. Living within your means may not be easy these days, but there are plenty of helpful tips and tricks to try. Coupons have been a firm favorite for shoppers in the supermarkets for decades. Now you can find them online for both … [Read more...]