Ways How Coffee Is Mom’s Best Friend

They say that a girl's best friend is jewelry made of diamonds. Whereas man's best friend is a dog that he can play with and make a companion anytime, they need to take strolls or do a little playing. Similarly, mothers too have their best friend. This wasn't something intentional. Somehow, coffee just became a mother's best friend for these reasons; When the baby wakes you up in the unexpected hours It is quite stressful having that moment of the morning nap and then having your child … [Read more...]

Six Ways For Moms Get Up And Going In The Morning

If you’re a busy mom who needs to get moving in the morning but you struggle to get out of bed, it’s important to find some solutions to your problem. After all, there’s a lot to get through before it’s time to head to work or to take the kids to school, so you need to find a way to get up and going. Here are six suggestions of ways to make your mornings easier.  1.Never Hit Snooze The hardest thing of all about getting going in the mornings is actually getting out of bed. Once you’ve … [Read more...]

Must-Have Items When Mom’s Two Hands Aren’t Enough

That little bundle of joy that was once taking up so much space in your belly is now taking up space in your arms. While holding your baby is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, there are many times when you wish you had a third arm so that you can check things off your to-do list and still cuddle your little one. Believe it or not, there are some ways you can free up your hands when things need to get done. Here is a list of our 4 must-have items when your 2 hands aren’t … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Look Out For Your Own Health After Becoming A Mother

Becoming a mother is such a wonderful experience and no-one will deny the joys and happiness it brings, but it is also a toll and a burden in many other ways. So it’s important to look after yourself as well as the baby. We all find this difficult as it’s such an all-encompassing task, but here are 5 of the key things to try and take on board as a happy and healthy mommy is essential for a happy and healthy baby. Exercise Routine OK so this one will seem near impossible at first, you are … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips For Moms To Beat Summers

Summers can be excruciating for us moms, to keep our morale up with the household chores. Indeed, handling kids is a frustrating affair as well. If you are a stay at home mom, the sudden change of the kids not going to school can drive you frantic. On the other hand, if you are a working woman, get ready to de-clutter your home round the clock! For most of us, the transition to summers can be overwhelming but here are some tips from personal experience that will spur you on during the heat, … [Read more...]

6 Easy Ways For Busy Moms To Stay Healthy

Moms always prioritize the other family members before themselves, but that’s not the best strategy when it comes to caring for the family. You need to take care of yourself, too, so you can also take care of them more. It’s understandable that you’re probably busy with balancing work and being a mom, however, that should not be an excuse to neglect your health. Put your health on top of your priorities too. Here are a few easy ways on how you can stay healthy even if you’re a busy … [Read more...]

How To Study When You Have a Child

Do you remember all those sleepless nights when you had been preparing for the terms exams? Can you imagine that having a child and studying simultaneously may increase the responsibility and hardship twice or thrice? Still eager to gain education and raise a kid at once? Then we have some pleasant pieces of advice for you. Maternity and high education: how to find things in common Once I visited a forum especially designed for mummies who are getting education. The stories seemed to be … [Read more...]

Addiction and Motherhood: 5 Things You Should Know

Motherhood is difficult in the best of circumstances. The transition from a single person or married couple to a parent is one fraught with anxiety and guilt as you are faced with caring for a tiny human being and raising them into a happy, productive adult. For mothers facing parenthood and drug addiction simultaneously, the odds of successfully making the transition to parenthood are slim. Here is what you need to know. The number of babies born to mothers with addiction is on the … [Read more...]