Sleep and Mom Brain

The term “mom brain” (also referred to as momnesia, mummy brain, or pregnancy brain) is often thrown around humorously to excuse missed appointments or leaving the house in a pair of slippers, but did you know there is actually some scientific backing to it? Researchers have discovered a range of brain changes that take place when a woman gives birth including alterations in neural plasticity and gray matter. Oftentimes, in addition to seemingly impaired memory, moms may also experience … [Read more...]

The Modern Do-It-All Mom

She’s a superhero. She’s a cook, a maid, a playmate, a caretaker, an employee, and probably so many other things she doesn’t get credit for. Moms do it all, and for some reason we expect them to. Even though many women consider motherhood fulfilling, something has to be said about what we expect of women during this period of their lives. OK. Maybe that period of life never goes away; once a mom, always a mom. But let’s consider some of the amazing feats moms conquer, in the … [Read more...]

5 Inspiring Blogs for New Mothers

The experience of becoming a new mother is laden with different emotions. On the one hand, this is considered one of the most monumental phases in a woman’s life, which makes you feel proud. However, you have seen other new moms struggle with parenting and as such, having a baby coming can also lead to dread. What if you are not up to the task? What about all the health complications? And the horror stories about new babies? Well, things don’t have to be too scary because after all, you are … [Read more...]