Dear New Moms, Here’s What You Need

Having your first baby can leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed. The excitement sets in and you’re worried about picking out a baby name, decorating the nursery, and figuring out how you’re going to break the news to your family and friends. At one point before the baby arrives, you’re probably going to panic when it comes to how prepared you are. How much do you and your partner really know about raising a child? Are you really going to lose as much sleep as they tell you? Do you have … [Read more...]

Four Tips for Staying Healthy and Active with a New Baby

When you’re dealing with the stress of caring for a new baby, it’s easy for things like exercise and healthy eating to fall to the bottom of your priority list. While it can be hard to make time for these things as a new parent, they’re essential, not just for your health, but for your child’s health, too. Studies show that parents who exercise and eat healthy food are more likely to have children who do the same. Not sure how you’re going to stay healthy and fit in exercise after your child … [Read more...]