6 Skills Nursing Employers Are Looking For

The healthcare industry is rife with problems. Registered Nurses receive more than their fair share of trials and obstacles across the industry. Standing out from other job candidates is always a battle – especially in the healthcare industry. Nursing employers deal with a lot of turnaround on a monthly basis. Receiving a bachelor of science in nursing at Gwynedd Mercy University will give you the training necessary to enter the nursing profession, however, while you may have the degree, a well … [Read more...]

Has A Nurse Let You Down?

Most people like nurses, and for many little girls, it is their dream job. They are there to hold our hands when we need comforting, to dispense our medicines if we are in the hospital, and generally to take care of us. Then there are the practice nurses who take our blood pressure or perform blood tests, and dental nurses to assist our dentist. We come across them in all sorts of medical environments, whether in home nursing care or in a facility, and they are considered by many to be the … [Read more...]