How Can Parents Challenge Schools to Have Inclusive Field Trips?

What are the productive ways parents challenge schools to advocate for accessibility and inclusivity on field trips? Learn the most helpful methods. Six million students with disabilities are enrolled in public schools, with even higher numbers being included in the general education classroom. While school counselors work closely with students with disabilities, there’s a need to work closely with the parents of those students. Parents' input clears concern that caregivers and teachers … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Pay for Unexpected Elder Care Costs

If you or a loved one has suddenly been hit with unexpected costs related to medical or final expenses, there are several ways to cope with these surprises. From charities to government programs and life insurance policy settlements, there are several methods to help families before they become overwhelmed with rising expenses. Charities, religious groups, and government organizations  State and local governments may offer limited benefits, as does Social Security and state memorial … [Read more...]

Aging In Place Is Far More Comfortable Than Aging In A Facility

A vital part of the human cycle is aging, which no one can avoid. There are lots of problems that are associated with aging such as: Diseases and ailments related to age Reduced mobility and bodily functions Change in mood and mentality Mood swipes and most importantly  Dependency. With all these issues that crop up when you age, it is obvious that you will tend to think whether you should stay at home once you reach old age or move into a care facility. If there is any … [Read more...]

Caring for Aging Parents as a Busy Mom

Mothers are the ultimate caregivers, with years of practical experience. However, depending on the generational divide, it’s not uncommon for some moms to have to juggle parenting while caring for their ailing parents. While there are many ways for a busy mom to juggle everything, it’s more important to stress the fact that she shouldn’t always have to. Here are some tips for caring for aging parents as a busy mom. Research Assisted Living Facilities For a nurturer, the idea of moving an … [Read more...]

Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Aging Parents

As our parents get older, they start to encounter more and more things they can no longer do for themselves. This can lead to feelings of uselessness and depression. Unfortunately, there may come a time when more permanent care is needed. But until you’re ready to make that decision, there are some things you can do to improve their lives and help them adjust. Update their insurance policies It’s important to make sure their health insurance and other policies are up-to-date and as … [Read more...]

Threat For Older Adults: The Safety Checklist

Prevention of trips and fall for the seniors and those suffering from mobility problems is critical. According to recent findings, falls and trips and the top causes of office injuries that range from small bruises to serious traumas like sprains, broken bones, laceration, and head injuries. To minimize the potential dangers due to falls and trips, there are numerous ways you effectively optimize your environment to help reduce the hazards of accidents to the elderly. Make sure the … [Read more...]

Common Senior Citizen Accessibility Issues

During the natural process of aging, many people find their level of mobility decreasing until independence is a struggle. For these individuals, who were once active and important members of their families and of society, any measures taken to ensure their continued independence is a way of giving them continued dignity and freedom in their daily living. Unfortunately, there are many public fixtures that prove to be obstacles for the elderly. These mobility impairments may be due to neglect, … [Read more...]

Retirement Homes or Assisted Living – Which is Better for Parents?

When your parents get older and are in their retirement years, it is very important to find the senior living option that is perfect for them and their particular financial and health situation. There is a multitude of retirement living options nowadays to choose from. Two of the most popular ones are retirement homes and assisted living. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but it is important to know the differences and similarities between retirement facilities and assisted living … [Read more...]