Real Cost of Unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions

With February coming to an end, have any of us actually stuck to our New Year’s resolutions? Whether it’s to lose weight, become more financially stable or to start cooking more from scratch; New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set goals for ourselves for the year ahead. The trouble with unrealistic New Year’s resolutions isn’t just that you’re setting yourself up to fail, but it’s also potentially draining on your finances. Here, you’ll discover the real cost behind some of the … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Spend Family Vacation For a Hassle-Free and Memorable Trip

Among families, vacations are the stuff of legends. These are the memorable times when the kids get to try something new and the parents are challenged not to have a meltdown when the kids have a meltdown. Vacations should be a happy and hassle-free time for everyone. Yes, there are mitigating factors like flight delays, long lines and nasty weather that can up-end your vacation plans. Even with all of the “unknowns” you should still keep your eye on the prize of having a great vacation. Here … [Read more...]

Plan A Dream Wedding In Arizona

Arizona receives some of the best weather in the entire continental United States. In fact, the Grand Canyon state receives more sunshine year-round than any other of the fifty states. This statistic can be surprising for those who travel to Florida, California or even Hawaii to have a sunny wedding or vacation. Scottsdale, Arizona is quickly becoming a popular wedding destination for a few key reasons. Besides the excellent weather, Scottsdale is home to some of the greatest wedding venues in … [Read more...]

Planning Ahead: Do You Have a Plan Ready in Case an Accident Happens?

Even the best laid of plans can go awry when unexpected accidents occur.  However, taking smart steps to ensure that you are covered for the basics in the event of an accident can help you to prevent serious consequences that could have been avoided. Certain types of accidents are household terms because they are quite common and can happen to anyone.  Consider the plans that you have in place in case of injury in a car accident, workplace incident, or a generalized personal injury.  Do you … [Read more...]