5 Non-Candy Easter Gifts For Kids + Giveaway

Every year we have the same dilemma...what to buy the kids for Easter. While there are many different types of Easter Candy available (all that are very delicious) I always like to have a few non-candy gifts to add to the kids Easter Baskets. SmitCo sells a ton of products for kids. So I wanted to highlight a few of their kid jewelry options they have available so you can add a few non- candy gifts to your Easter Baskets. They also have fun journals available too! Stretch Butterfly … [Read more...]

Know About The Special Gifts For Your Mom’s Birthday

It's the special day of your mom's life and the first thing that pops up into your mind is a thoughtful birthday gifts for your dear mom. Giving gifts is like ritual when it comes to celebrating a birthday. When we really need to convey the heartfelt message and are at loss of words, it is then that gifts come in use. So the birthday gifts definitely need to be special when it comes to choosing the perfect one for your mom. Now this article tells you about the most heart touching birthday gifts … [Read more...]

Gift Giving Made Easy

That time of the year is once again upon us.  We are surrounded by family and friends, some we have not seen in a long time.  There is always good food, wine and great company at gatherings.  Everyone is happy and filled with the holiday spirit.  Or some are stressed and anxious hoping they got the right gifts for everyone. This year shopping for holiday gifts for the whole family and for friends does not need to leave you stressed and anxious.  In fact, there is no need for you to put one … [Read more...]

Unique Anniversary Presents For Your Husband

Men are not easy to shop for. Clothes, jewelry, and perfumes may appeal to you, but choosing them for your husband on anniversary can turn out to be boring and rather un-special. You want the present to be unique and different. Here are some unique anniversary gift ideas that you can look into for this year: A Man Bouquet Consider a bouquet for your man, but the one that’s more suited to his interests and tastes. Flowers, however, may not hold the same value to him as they do you. Make … [Read more...]