Proud Owner of a Sewing Machine!

I'm excited to say that I am now the owner of a sewing machine!  It's a 1969 Singer Touch & Sew Deluxe Zig-Zag Model 646.  I got it for free off of Freecycle!  It's an old one, but it works and it's perfect for me right now since I'm just starting out.  I wanted to try and find a free working once since I'm kind of afraid that I'll get so frustrated with it and give up on doing anything with it.  Lol.  Luckily, a nice lady on Freecycle had one she wasn't using and gave it to me yesterday. I … [Read more...]

Daisy Grass Wreath Tutorial

I'm so very excited to bring you this wonderful tutorial on how to make your own Daisy Grass Wreath!  This is probably the favorite wreath I have ever come across!  Learn how to make your own by following the simple steps below! First you will need to gather your supplies.  You will need: Styrofoam Wreath (I used a 12" Green Wreath) Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn in Lime ( I used about 1 1/4 skeins of yarn - how much you need depends on how big your wreath is.) Daisy Trim (Mine was … [Read more...]