Advice for First-Time Renters

With graduation season upon us, the economy can expect an influx of new renters as these young adults make the transition from high school to college, trade schools, or the workforce. For many of these people, this will be the first time renting an apartment or living independently. While many skills are taught in school, something that many of us must learn right away on our own is how to set up a new living space and stay on top of our responsibilities. By following the sage advice of parents … [Read more...]

Home Security Tips for Renters

When talking about home security or looking up information online, the focus tends to be on actions homeowners can take. But what about renters? Whether renting a home or an apartment, tenants don’t usually have the same liberties as owners and can’t make the same changes. Even in a safe neighborhood or a seemingly secure apartment complex, it’s important to be vigilant in taking precautions to protect oneself. Here are the top home security tips for renters. Look for Renter Security System … [Read more...]

5 Basic Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have

When it comes to insurance policies, the industry is much larger than you probably suspect. Think about something of value in your life. Chances are, there are a whole host of insurers out there just looking to snap up your business. However, depending on how much you’ve invested and how much certain assets are worth, you might not need some of the more complex insurance policies just because aspects of them apply to you. Here are some of the basic insurance policies that everyone should have. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways To Cut Back On Your Rental Costs

Have you ever been caught in the dilemma of whether to rent or consider buying a home? You must have come across a point in your life when you had to make a decision of getting an apartment on rent for your family or selecting an affordable place on lease for accommodation. With a meager budget, it is even more challenging to find a place meeting your specific needs. Here are a few pointers on cutting back on your rental costs when finding a new place for yourself. Check Your Budget & … [Read more...]