How To Pick The Best Gold Diamond Ring For Your Queen

There is nothing that speaks the words of love better than a diamond on a gold ring. Solitaires have been the symbol of love and commitment for decades. Now it is time for you to show your love for your significant other by purchasing a gold solitaire ring. It is true that diamonds are forever. That is why you need to choose one that will stand out from every other jewelry she owns and any other ring she has ever seen. How to pick the solitaire for your engagement ring? Over the years, … [Read more...]

4 Handy Tips For Saving Money On An Engagement Ring

Picking out a swish and classy engagement ring within a stringent budget is no fuzzy logic. All it needs is a bit of prudent thought-work and some zealous resolve. Just like you put in a little effort for catering, giving a piece of your noggin to some key considerations will indeed make you the proud owner of a dazzling diamond ring apt for a great engagement. So, take a look at our handy tips below to make the best decision. Conduct A Thorough Market Research There's no rule out … [Read more...]