DIY Savings Jar for Kids

Kids are heading back to school and with that they are going to want want lunch money, pretzel money, fair money, and so on. With this, it becomes a great time to allow your children to save. Sometimes I find that I give my son money for school functions and extras but he often has change. This becomes a great time to teach him the value of a dollar. Allowing him to save the change so that when pretzel day or dress down day comes around he can use money from his savings. Or I can even have him … [Read more...]

Inspired Ideas To Help You Save Money Every Day

More and more of us seem to be struggling to make ends meet each month. Shopping trips seem to cost more money, but income doesn’t seem to be going up. It’s tough when you have to start cutting back, but it’s also a good way to avoid getting into financial trouble. Living within your means may not be easy these days, but there are plenty of helpful tips and tricks to try. Coupons have been a firm favorite for shoppers in the supermarkets for decades. Now you can find them online for both … [Read more...]

Money Saving Tips for You and Your Family!

As part of Day 2 of my Ultimate Blog Challenge, I thought I would give you all some tips on saving money, especially when it comes to your family.  In this day and age and with the economy how it is, you have to find as many ways to save money as you can.  It is especially true if you have children, like the majority of my readers do.  Here are just a few money saving tips that I have to help you out! Create a Budget - This is first and foremost on my list because there is no way you can … [Read more...]