Enjoy the Season: 8 Brilliant Strategies to Beat the Holiday Rush

We all know that person—let’s call him Last-Minute Larry—who leaves every holiday task to Christmas Eve. Poor Larry. He shows up to Christmas dinner with gifts wrapped in plastic bags (the horror!) and an empty wallet after having gotten all but robbed at the shopping mall. Not only has Larry spent more money than the rest of us, he’s also put himself through more stress. If you can’t stand the idea of long lines, pseudo-deals and holiday traffic, then you’ve got to do everything you can to … [Read more...]

Shopping on a Budget Made Easy

Grocery shopping is one of those financial obligations that one simply cannot get away from, regardless of how hard you try. In the USA, the monthly grocery budget ranges between 12.4% and 33% of the total household income according to data compiled by the USDA.  That amounts to a lot of money, especially if you have a myriad of other obligations you have to worry about as well. As a mom, you inherently want what is best for your family, and that includes having them well-fed and happy at all … [Read more...]

How To Pick The Best Gold Diamond Ring For Your Queen

There is nothing that speaks the words of love better than a diamond on a gold ring. Solitaires have been the symbol of love and commitment for decades. Now it is time for you to show your love for your significant other by purchasing a gold solitaire ring. It is true that diamonds are forever. That is why you need to choose one that will stand out from every other jewelry she owns and any other ring she has ever seen. How to pick the solitaire for your engagement ring? Over the years, … [Read more...]

How E-Commerce Has Changed Shopping

Information technology has changed everything, from how we connect with friends and family to how we track the weather. One area that has been particularly revolutionized by information technology has been shopping. Online shopping today is like a high-speed version of catalog shopping from years gone by. Just like then, we can view items from home, choose what we want, and send the order with payment, receiving our items right at the front door. Only now, instead of taking weeks to go … [Read more...]

Little Known Costco Membership Benefits

The Costco chain store is one of the leading retail stores. It’s also a multinational organization which has benefits that you can explore other than having the best hot dogs and delicious food samples. They have an annual fee payment where you can enjoy all the benefits Costco’s has to offer which is a relatively good investment when you utilize them properly. Here are the benefits of Costco membership that you can explore to your advantage broke down for you. Medical Insurance Costco … [Read more...]

Her First Bra: How to Make Bra Shopping a Positive Experience for Your Teen

Did you know that a girl’s breasts can start to develop when she is as young as eight years old? While the changes range dramatically from person to person, it’s important to keep an eye out for them as puberty approaches. If you’ve determined that it’s time for your daughter to buy her first bra, there are a lot of considerations to take to ensure that it’s a positive shopping experience. Of course, these bodily changes can stir up some major self-conscious feelings or shame in your … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Those Old Gift Cards

Gift cards are undoubtedly the things to buy as a gift if you either don’t know the person very well or you simply have no idea what you should get them. If this gift receiver sounds like you, you probably have a ton of gift cards piling up in your wallet. Sometimes gift cards are an awesome gift, especially if they’re to somewhere you typically spend a ton of money at. Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Panera, and Chipotle are some of the most common gift cards to give as gifts to people you don’t … [Read more...]

5 Reason To Buy Reusable Grocery Bags

Going for Grocery Shopping? Don't forget your Reusable tote bags at home! As the world is growing and progressing, our beautiful planet and its beauty is depleting faster, the harmful greenhouse gases, the deteriorating ozone layers, the landfills stuffed with non-biodegradable wastes are all contributing to global warming and climate change. The protection of the planet and sustainable growth has become a prime a prime concern for common people, governments and corporates alike. Go green has … [Read more...]