7 Basketball Tips to Impress Your Friends

Every one of us knows at least one person who is good at playing basketball. When we watch them play, it looks easy and flawless but most of us know that that ball isn’t so easy to handle. Practicing few things can help you become a better basketball player and trust me, you don’t have to practice the game for hours. Get ready to step up on that court!   Confidence Is the First Step   If you have confidence, half the battle is won. Even if you know the skills but lack in … [Read more...]

5 Las Vegas Destinations that are Perfect for Sports Fans

If you are a sports fan heading to Las Vegas, you have probably already scoped out a Las Vegas sports bar or other venue where you can find the best spot in the house to watch your game. Once the fall is here, it is time for football, and everyone is picking their fantasy team. In this article, we are going to talk about five Las Vegas destinations that are perfect for sports fans as well as how to choose your fantasy sports team. One of the reasons you’ll love coming to Vegas so much as a … [Read more...]

Bored of Regular Tourism? It is Time To Try Sports Tourism

In the recent weeks, thousands of people flocked to Russia to witness the football world cup in its full glory. Although the FIFA world cup only happens once in four years, several sporting events go on around the year across the world. There are the Wimbledon championships, F1 racing, Isle of Mann TT races, NBA games, and national league football. The USA is home to over 227 stadiums of varying capacity across the 50 states. Why is the USA the best sports tourism destination? The USA is … [Read more...]

Best Sports for Kids At Home- How to Pick the Right One

The most concerning problem that today’s parents face is the lack of physical activity in their children’s life. Kids these days are more inclined towards indoor games and are missing out on all the fun-filled freedom of the outdoor sports. Surprisingly, in most cases, the reasons for this lack of independent free play among kids are parental restrictions. Due to safety concerns, parents do not allow their children to roam about and play freely, which is essential for their growth and creating … [Read more...]

Three Common Kids’ Sports Injuries and How to Treat Them

Every year, nearly three million children visit the emergency room for help with a sports-related injury, and another five million see a primary care physician or sports medicine professional. Playing sports teaches kids all kinds of lessons, that they shouldn’t be avoided just because of the risk of injury. Instead, it’s important to know how to prevent sports injuries so that you can help your child avoid being one of the millions who gets hurt every year. And, in the event that they do get … [Read more...]

Top 5 Sports for Kids

When it comes to choosing a sport your child should play, a good place to start is finding a sport that is age-appropriate for your kids. While there are no rules to choosing a sport, often sports that suit a toddler won’t always suit a teenager and vice versa. The most important thing is that kids have fun. Kids just want to have fun and their reason to continue playing team sports will be a direct result of how much fun they have. As parents you want your kid to be successful while … [Read more...]

8 Stretches to Help Prevent Injury in Youth Football

Do these scenes seem familiar? You’ve been sitting on the bench for three-quarters of the game, just waiting for a chance to do your stuff. Finally, the coach yells: “OK, Jones. Get in there PDQ!” You stuff in your custom mouth guard, grab your helmet and leap off the bench. Now there’s this stabbing pain behind your knees, and you can’t walk at all, let alone get into the game… some hero. Or maybe you make it into the huddle, and the quarterback calls for the game-winning pass with you as … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide for Choosing the Right Tennis Racquets

Choosing a racquet for a beginner can be quite a puzzling and challenging decision, especially for those with no experience in playing tennis. However, it is a choice that you will have to make if you want to play and succeed in this game. Buying the right tennis racquets will make a big difference in how you play the game. All racquets are not the same. Therefore, you should take your time to choose one that will suit your gaming needs. Here are 4things that you should take into consideration … [Read more...]