Versatile Pieces for Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is the time of year where you can’t wear those shorts you purchased last fall, but you can dress like summer is around the corner. Since spring is the season of weather surprises (such as snow one day and warm weather the next), it’s essential to have some ready-for-spring items in your wardrobe to stay ahead of the game. The following are some tips you can use to dress for spring, some of which you may have scored deals on with sales in December. Fatigue Jacket A fatigue jacket is … [Read more...]

When Things Start Heating Up: Cooling Systems are a Must in Hot Weather

When the temperature starts rising, there is absolutely no need to let it impact your well-being and general good mood. While cooling systems are certainly an investment, you will find they are very worth it in the end. Not convinced yet? Then let us cover the benefits of having one installed: Consistent temperature Some summer days may be hotter than others, but certain people don’t take fluctuating temperatures very well, much preferring something more constant instead. In the old days, … [Read more...]

Spring Design Trends to Brighten Up Your Home

Spring is the perfect time to brighten up your home, and right now there are some truly stunning home design trends that will bring light and freshness into every room. Whether you’re looking to completely redecorate or simply add a few new pieces, these trends will add a touch of authenticity and originality to any home. All you need to do is pick a trend and use your imagination to apply it to your own space. Art Deco Opulence Far more simple and minimalistic than it is often given credit … [Read more...]

Burlap Bag DIY For Spring

This Burlap Bag is a great DIY For Spring.  Using simple pieces of ribbon, hot glue, and a burlap bag you can update and make this cute idea.  This is ideal for using as a gift bag, decoration, or even a fun way to hold magazines or newspapers in your living room! Burlap Bag DIY For Spring I am a huge fan of cheap craft ideas.  I also love burlap.  The combination of the two makes me a very happy crafter!  This Burlap Bag is a super cute idea with fun Spring colors.  There are countless … [Read more...]

Layer It Up – Spring Time Outfits That Are Hassle Free

There’s always a debate about what to wear during the spring time because the weather can never make up its mind. Some days it may be warm and the next? Well, it may be snowing again. With such finicky weather it seems like it’s impossible to dress appropriately, or is it? The key to finding the perfect clothing for spring time weather is layering, so that you can be prepared for whatever weather may come your way. Rain or shine, layering up with the right amount of clothing will not only save … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning In and Outside of Your Home

  There's only 15 days until Spring... are you as excited as I am?  I know I'm ready for the beautiful, colorful spring flowers and a few rainy days, too.  May be weird, but I don't mind a nice rainy day sometimes... like they say, April Showers Bring May Flowers. :-) Since Spring is on the way I know a lot of people who are thinking about things they need to be done/around their house.  Spring Cleaning inside is a ritual for us.  This year I'm going to donate a bunch of clothes that my … [Read more...]