Top 5 Things to Do in Utah in September

Ah, mellow September... one of the most beautiful months of the year in Salt Lake City and Utah in general. Prolong your summer with these great events during September to create best memories of this wonderful time in Utah. Labor Day Weekend | September 1-3, 2018 The Weekend marks the traditional end of summer and a great chance to enjoy a long weekend with the family before kids go back to school. Make the most of your holiday with a range of excellent local events, activities, and … [Read more...]

5 Fun Cities to Visit on a Budget

Taking a trip to the city should not have to cost you an arm and a leg. In many cases, most cities are quite walkable and offer a variety of activities to occupy a single day trip. This way, you avoid the costs of an overnight stay, and you get to pack your day full of sightseeing and exploring. When on a budget, you may think that all of your destinations for city visits would have to be small and off the beaten path. However, the following guide will show you that cities, from big to small, … [Read more...]

Start of the Right Airport Transfers Here

Often, when we leave for a few days in Rome via a low cost flight, the trip to the nearest airport home costs me more than the flight!How to get to the airport cheaply? What are the possible solutions? What is the least expensive solution? As always, there is no quick fix. Depending on the airport, the duration of your trip, flight times, and other parameters the cheapest option may be different! This post therefore addresses the different solutions, with the advantages and disadvantages: … [Read more...]

Tomato Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs Recipe + Egg Tips & Info!

Disclosure: I received an all-expenses paid trip to Columbus, Ohio provided by the Ohio Poultry Association. All opinions are my own. A few weeks ago I received the opportunity to go to one of my favorite cities to learn everything there is to know about eggs - Columbus, Ohio! We got to visit the home of of the Executive Vice President of the Ohio Poultry Association, Jim Chakeres, as well as go on a fun progressive dinner in German Village. Today I'm sharing some of the facts I learned about … [Read more...]

RV Camping: The Vacation That You Need

Modern life is so fast paced. With the introduction of new work standards, there seems to be a more emphasized focus on career over all other aspects of life. Gone are the days when it was just the men who worked office jobs. Today, if you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the job. And it’s this culture we’ve adopted that can be extremely stress-inducing. Burnout is a real danger to every worker regardless of the nature of your job. There’s a reason that it’s called the daily grind — It never … [Read more...]

Globetrotter’s Guide for this Summer’s Vacations

Are you planning to go abroad this summer? Well if you are not, then you should! According to a survey conducted by Oliver’s Travels, 50% of Brits have a plan to spend the vacations abroad this summer. The holiday specialists conducted a OnePoll survey in the United Kingdom to find out the plans of Brits for the summer of ‘18. The survey concluded with some real catchy information about the Brits and their habits. The survey covered polls relating to common travel questions and choices like … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why Thailand is a Great Family Getaway

Recently, Thailand has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers globally. Probably, one of the key reasons is that it is a much cheaper alternative to the more expensive destinations such as Cape Town and Bora Bora, and also a more interesting one. Thailand is generally known for its pristine beaches, dense forests, diverse wildlife, exotic food and fantastic shopping options. All in all, it is a perfect vacation destination and can be done on a budget. One of the … [Read more...]

Best Hostels in Florida for Backpackers

Are you planning to travel to the beachside heaven for Florida for the summers? We’ll help you pick out the best hostels in Florida for backpackers and beach bummers, but before we get into that, allow us to inform you about the dynamics of ESTA and other visa requirements for the US. So, what is ESTA exactly? It is the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, not exactly a visa, but following the 9/11 system alterations, it is a measure that has increased the security checks of all … [Read more...]