Tips To Avoid Buying a Knockoff Luxury Watch

You spend a lot to buy a luxury watch. You need to ensure that you're getting the item you deserve. The problem is when you end up taking home a watch that you thought was original but, in fact, it is a knock-off. These are some tips to help you avoid buying a fake watch that seems real. Check the price You need to understand how much legit luxury watches are worth. It’s easier for you to determine if the price is too good to be true. If the store offers the same brand and model, but … [Read more...]

Heirloom Worthy Watches You Can Pass Down to Your Kids

Timepieces are the best and safest legacies to pass down to your children, compared to gold bars and real estate. The gift of time that your children can inherit has a greater sentimental value because of the experiences we gained while having the watch. Watches are also a great way to remind children about the importance of time. The best part about timepieces is that even though people use it to tell the time, what they don’t realize is the timelessness of the watch. Heirloom worthy watches … [Read more...]

The 11 Fashionable Timepieces Which Are Found In Branded Watch Shop Singapore

Just like men, a branded and luxurious wristwatch completes the daily look of a woman. Bear in mind that watches do not only serve as an instrument that tells you time, but it also serves as precious jewelry that you wear on your wrist. That said, different watch brands have made a way of producing various types of elegant and branded watches for women. These watches are fashionably designed to fit the daily lifestyle and personality of every woman. Hence, in this article, we’d like to … [Read more...]

Watch Etiquette: How, What, Where, Why of Wearing a Watch

With an overabundance of types and categories which are available for men watches in the market, it certainly leaves you confused about what to choose and what to buy. From bold to evergreen pieces, from casual to the most expensive ones, watches have proven to be addictions for people. It is considered to be one of the most lavish and exquisite passions men are found to indulge in. As part of a sophisticated ensemble, a watch can be sported at almost every social occasion. Rather, people who … [Read more...]