5 Point Guide to Ordering a Bespoke Wedding Suit

A wedding suit is an important part of your big day ahead. A bespoke suit is generally preferred for an occasion as important as this. Bespoke suits are basically those which are made from scratch, just for you and to suit your requirements. This is not to be confused with a made to measure suit, which is built out of a pre - existent piece of cloth with minor adjustments. Bespoke suits are costly, they take time, but they are the best type of suit you could get yourself. If tailoring is an art … [Read more...]

7 Wonderful Personalized Wedding Gifts for the Bride & Groom

It’s time to get creative with wedding gifts for your best friends who are about to tie the knot. Instead of being one of those boring people who bring kitchen appliances, make the newlyweds smile with any one of these creative wedding gift ideas. Let yourself be inspired by them to think outside the box and create your own. Here are 12 ideas that may strike a chord in you. Glassware Nothing spells “elegance” and everlasting happiness than a set of personalized glassware with the … [Read more...]

From Bending The Knee To Prepping The Venue: What Does The Pre-Wedding Planning Entail

Pop up the champagne! She said “YES”! However, now is the time to get ready for the stressing ceremonies coming your way. Yes, the wedding preps are supposed to be exciting, but it takes a lot of efforts to ensure perfection. Save the date, everyone! The first and foremost task before you indulge in the preparations is a crazy stag party. Get hold of your best mate and make sure he throws you the most memorable party of your single life, with professionals offering bespoke stag … [Read more...]

3 Important Things to Consider When Choosing The Right Bridal Boutique For You

It is the dream of most people to get married to their better half. As such, there is always someone marrying or getting married on any given weekend. Before a couple says I do, a lot is put in place in preparation for the wedding day. One of the major highlights of the wedding is the bridal gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Their fashion and color set the pace for the whole ceremony. There are many bridal stores that sell great and unique bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses. Therefore, if … [Read more...]

Wedding Gifts the Happy Couple Will Actually Want

Modern weddings have turned tradition on its head, and this theme is true of wedding gifts as well. If you’re struggling to pick something from the registry, or the happy couple didn’t create a registry at all, coming up with present ideas can be a challenge. Never fear, I’ve got you covered. Choose a special gift for the bride and groom and offer something that’s practical, sentimental, or a lovely mixture of both from this list. Fresh Bouquets Each Week: Who doesn’t smile when … [Read more...]

Typical Confusions to Clarify before Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

If you have already chosen the right engagement ring and are currently busy with some grand wedding plans, you must not forget the apparently small business of choosing the perfect wedding band amidst all the fun, frenzy, and excitement of the upcoming wedding. Your wedding ring symbolizes your endless love and unflinching commitment towards your life partner. As a wedding band is an important piece of jewelry, it must be given its due importance and you must devote your valuable time and … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Wedding Drama-Free

You might be able to control many things about your wedding day, but you cannot control the drama level simply because people’s emotions are unpredictable. Whether you are trying to find a vendor, caterer, or looking for dresses for your bridesmaids, you might find yourself knee-deep in wedding drama. If you want your wedding to be drama-free and prevent yourself from becoming extremely agitated, here are some useful tips: Plan Ahead The more you make plans, the less likely you are to face … [Read more...]

DIY Wedding Signs – Mr & Mrs Wedding Gift Idea

These DIY Wedding Signs are a thoughtful way to help the newlyweds celebrate their special day! Most couples register at several locations for wedding gifts and while it is great to get things off of a registry, it is also really fun to make special and personalized wedding gifts!   This Mr. & Mrs. wedding gift idea was simple to make and I love how it turned out.  It was inexpensive yet is personalized in the colors the bride and groom plan to decorate their future home together. … [Read more...]