Take Guests To Heaven With A Stunning New Bedroom

Do you want to be the host that boasts the best guest room of all time? Of course, you do because we all want to take pride in our home and style. Better yet, we want other people to be impressed when they come to stay. Many of us treat having people come to stay in our house as a chance to test our hosting skills. Can we really make people feel like they have been living in a five-star hotel for the past two weeks? We’re sure you can but to do that you have to style the home the right way. It all starts with the guest room. The guest room needs to be a picture perfect paradise. It has to feel comfortable, look incredible and be the perfect place for a night of rest. Don’t forget, most of the time your guest will be elsewhere. The bedroom is only important in the evening when they want to relax and unwind. But that doesn’t make the style and design any less crucial. So, let’s think about how to create the ultimate room for your guests.

Everything Must Go!


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When you start planning the room, you should empty everything out and start from scratch. You don’t want anything left that could throw off the effect that you’re reaching for. As an example, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the curtains in the room are if the furniture doesn’t match them. So, you should have an empty room when you begin. Think of this as a blank canvas for exciting new ideas and options. That’s exactly what it is!

A Touch Of Paint

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Before you think about filling the room, you should paint it. The color of paint you choose is entirely up to you, but sometimes simple is best. For instance, you may just want to paint the room cream. This makes it bright and cheerful and also keeps it looking clean and open. Alternatively, a darker color will make the room feel cosier. If you want the room to look bigger try using two colors, contrasting. Half the walls you should paint cream and the other half, you can use a bold color. The effect of this is quite staggering. Remember, when you are choosing a color, it needs to match the overall style of the room when it’s complete.

Silent Night

Once you have sorted the walls, get the most important feature, and that’s the bed. A good bed will ensure that your guests fall asleep in heaven rather than tossing and turning all night. These days there are various different beds to choose from. For instance, you can get a smart bed that changes shape and angle based on their comfort sleeping. But, we would suggest that you instead get an ordinary oak bed and dress it up with fluffy duvets and soft pillows. You can buy these types of accessories from a shop such as Plumeria Bay. There you’ll find plenty of cozy options, perfect for your new guest room.

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Don’t forget, you don’t have to end decorating the bed with the duvet. You can also get a beautiful throw to dress it up and some top pillows to make it look comfy and cozy. Just make sure you go in every night and turn over the bed, just like in a hotel!

Keep It Dark

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The last thing you want from your guests is to hear that they’ve been bothered by light pollution. If you live in the city, this is always going to be a problem. There might be traffic, lamp lights as well as other issues. The solution is blackout blinds or blackout curtains. These still come in different colors, it’s the materials they are made out of that blocks the light. Alternatively, you can get a blind behind a curtain to give an extra level of defense.


Extra Accessories

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The next step is adding a few accessories and other pieces of furniture to the room. Remember, you don’t need too many pieces here. You don’t want to end up with a room that looks both cluttered and crowded. Minimalistic is the key, and that just means a few pieces of furniture. So, you might have one chest of drawers on either side of the bed and a larger one opposite. A few ornaments, perhaps a desk and that’s really all you need.

We hope you love the way your new guest room looks. More importantly, we hope the reviews you get from guests are above excellent.

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