The Tale of Instagram Bots

Let’s tell you the tale of Genie and his happy masters. It was a beautiful evening when they rubbed the lamp, Genie appeared and asked for a wish. They hoped to increase their Instagram followers. Genie disappeared and when appeared brought them the option to follow people. They refused, he again went and came back with the other ways to increase Instagram likes in the form of using hashtags correctly or regular Instagram postings. The unhappy masters denied again, and he dived back into his world of luxuries from where he uses to fulfill the wishes of his masters. Once Genie appeared with a brand new method of increasing Instagram likes; “The Instagram Bots”! That’s when Genie made his teachers happy, but how? What’s that’s Instagram bots thing? Asked the masters.

Here you go sir, Genie said, and listed the bright sides of Instagram Bots. It’s an automatic method to boost Instagram likes. Here you choose the right people to follow you, and in return, you support them back.

The masters became cherished and released Genie for his expert solution to their Instagram’s followers and like problems.

There are other authentic ways to raise social media likes and followings other than Instagram bots. The Cupid came and saved the masters from the risks of hacking at Instagram that is powered through Instagram bots. Cupid has two real solutions. One was to purchase the services of increasing followers and likes. The other was to become a searched publisher by writing what exactly people are looking for. The first option is fast enough; it’s as soon as you require it to be, while the other option is time taking. You will have to build a good name by writing to increase likes and followers. Today Instagram is more than a social site. It has transformed into a whole new channel of marketing ideas, goods, and services. Since you are required to get maximum likes and followers; majorly, brands opt for the first option to increase likes and fan as it is cheaper and less time-consuming. It’s more authentic and ethical as compared to the Instagram bots which are prone to the risk of hacking and is unethical at once. Instagram bots do not go hand in hand with the Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Now, if you are marketing a reputed brand and you choose the Instagram Bots to widen the span of your public access. Trust me; you are planning to exchange a precious oyster pearl with the rotten eggs. You will always remain at the risk of decaying it all because these bots would represent your account as a “fake identity” which the followers would never prefer to trust.

The Cupid explains that the Instagram bots as the false identities that automatically likes, comments and follows on your behalf but meanwhile create an uncontrollable tide of activities. Remember that numbers are crucial but not as important as the content. It is suggested to increase the Instagram followings and likes by generating a quality content using the ethical techniques instead of the filthy path of Instagram bots.


What the Cupid taught us!

If you still prefer to choose Instagram bots:


  • Get ready to lose your home feed.


  • Get ready to be exposed to extreme embarrassment

  • Get ready to be liable and get charged by going against the Instagram’s terms of service.

  • Get ready to lose your account anytime.


  • Get ready to get followers but no engagement from them.


  1. Okay, this is hilarious. Not the moral of the story, that is sad, but the story itself made me giggle.

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