Terrible Twos – 5 Helpful Tips for Better Toddler Behaviour

As your baby begins to transition from an infant into a toddler, it’s common to experience some frustrations – particularly around the “terrible twos” stage, which is characterized by defiance and your child’s desire for more independence. Are you looking for tips to manage this behavior and minimize frustration for both you and your children? Help may be closer than you think:

Source: GreyerBaby / Pixabay

Go Natural

Rather than cave to your mother-in-law’s well-intentioned advice with odd-ball sleep methods, why not go natural with ingredients that work? There are plenty of natural sleep remedies for babies and toddlers with organic ingredients to promote rest. Such products aim to soothe busy minds and relax tired bodies, so they go off to sleep without any hassle at all. The best part is, you don’t have to resort to “out of the box” methods that may be more of an old wives’ tale than an effective sleep method!

Offer Choices

When your baby slowly becomes a toddler, you will begin to recognize the sign of them asserting their independence, often in a defiant manner. While such stubbornness can be frustrating when you’re a time-poor parent, it’s important to roll with the punches. Instead of laying down the parental law, you can offer your toddler choices – but not too many. For example, if they won’t wear their blue shorts, offer them a pair of red ones or the original blue choice. You can save yourself from a lot of toddler tantrums by giving them the option to choose and feel a sense of self-determination.

Enforce Consequences

If you don’t put limits in place, with specific behaviors evoking consequences, then your toddler will continue to test you. Stop negotiating with terrorists and instead, make sure your child knows that when they misbehave, there will be an unfortunate side effect. You can take something off them or put them in timeout – explaining why they are there and for how long. Not every consequence is practical for every child, so you may need to work through trial and error.

Offer Solutions

While there are many reasons why toddlers throw tantrums, you may find that a significant one is their inability to problem-solve or communicate. If you see a tantrum brewing, it’s time to fly into action and take control with solutions. For example, if their sibling is busy with a toy they wanted to play with, ask if they would like to share it. If not, then offer them an alternative toy. You can diffuse many situations by helping your children to learn vital problem-solving skills.

Get to the Root Cause of Bad Behavior

Does your toddler continually fly off the handle for seemingly trivial reasons? Try to find out why. If you are continually combating tantrums, then it might be time to see your child’s doctor to rule out any medical conditions. Then, take a look at their sleep routine, diet, personality traits, and potential illnesses. Remember, toddlers need between 10 and 14 hours of sleep per night – with anything less accounting for an alarming amount of bad behavior. If they are not sleeping through the night or are not taking a nap, then look at these options as well.

The terrible twos can feel like you’re living in a constant war zone. At any moment, you can find yourself diffusing a bomb or putting out a fire. Even though the toddler stage won’t last forever, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with techniques to put you in control of any situation. You can then fight fires with confidence that you’re going to come out the other side triumphant.

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