The Benefits Of Taking A Wellness Journey On The Island Of Fiji

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Fiji unswervingly makes the top ten list for the most regularly visited vacation destinations, and it comes as no surprise because visiting this beautiful island can be good for your health too.

Getting Some Much-Needed Vitamin D

With the average temperature of roundabout twenty-five degrees Celcius, the resorts in Fiji is fortunate to get loads of sun. Whether you’re playing games on the beach or simply relax on the beach, soaking up some sun, even just for fifteen minutes, you can gain a substantial amount of daily vitamin D intake. Vitamin D assists with regulating the immune system as well as reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks. Remember always to wear a hat and sunscreen when you’re out and about.

Worthwhile Places To Visit In Fiji

Astrolabe Reef

Known for its world-class snorkeling and diving and the fourth largest island on the planet, this is an excellent destination to visit and indulge in some much-needed self-care, which is like nothing else you have ever experienced. Kokomo provides an incredible chance for guests to choose from three programs, which include spa treatments and movement sessions to help them in reaching their personal wellness goals. Each program emphasizes a different wellness experience with exclusive activities that guests can partake in on this island sanctuary, returning to their busy lifestyles feeling revived and relaxed.

Kokomo Private Island Fiji

This Fiji private island is considered the jewel of the South Pacific, offering guests the opportunity to embrace the natural healing powers of the island. Beautiful white sandy beaches and features surround it. The activate retreat that caters for guests who are looking to re-ignite their fitness regime or improve their present active lifestyle. With many land and water activities, Kokomo boasts an excellent environment for flourishing and rediscovering vitality. The program entails working with an on-site fitness team that provides personal training sessions, as well as post-session massages, naturopathy, and more. Complimentary activities include water sports, yoga, and fitness facilities.

The Rest & Restore Retreat

This retreat entails a therapeutic program that is intended for soothing the spirit and restoring the body. The tailored wellness and spa package is the perfect chance for stopping, reflecting, and connecting with the beauty of the surrounding nature. You can opt for blissful spa treatments at Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary. The highly –skilled therapists use healing techniques to help guests with relaxing, restoring, and rejuvenating their bodies while daily private movement and yoga sessions can help with restoring balance.

Relax And Unwind

Spending a five-star family vacation in Fiji is accompanied with many amazing benefits like action-packed adventure, breath-taking beaches, and fantastic food. Recent studies revealed that 79.4 percent of Australians enjoy a holiday in Fiji came back with a more positive outlook on life as opposed to the 67 percent who did not. Why wait? Enjoy a well-deserved break, soaking in the sun, swim, and snorkel in the crystal clear water with stunning surroundings.

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