The Best Of Russia From Beijing – Trans-Siberian Trips

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There are usually a number of reasons for people choosing one of the more appealing Trans-Siberian train trips from Beijing or other popular city of departure, getting to see some of the wonders of Russia being just one of them. However, as there are a few options in our city destination when travelling aboard one of the Russia-bound Trans-Siberian trains, it would be wise to do some research on the sorts of things we can see and do in the various Russian cities we will visit during our awesome journey.

By spending a bit of time with an internet search, passengers of a Trans-Siberian express making its way to Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vladivostok should be able to get some insight into the numerous attractions of these destinations or starting points for trains on a Trans-Siberian experience. There are websites that are without doubt a source of inspiration for anyone who would like some travel ideas or insight into the kinds of experiences that can be had when visiting Russian cities whilst on a Trans-Siberian train trip. Of course, as not all passengers of such tours will have the same interests, it would pay to find out just what kinds of excursions are on offer once we have stopped at one of the above-mentioned Russian city destinations.

Plan Ahead

It goes without saying that travelers who tend to have a fantastic time when they decide to take one of the better Trans-Siberian train trips will take the time to plan their trip properly. But although it is always going to be a good idea to scour the net for articles on the various options in places in Russia to visit whilst aboard a Trans-Siberian train, it is also wise to chat with friends who have a wealth of experience riding on a train heading to Russia – whether it be the Trans-Mongolian route or the Trans-Manchurian option.

Indeed, if we do talk to people who have been to one or a number of the usual stopovers in Russia included in a Trans-Siberian express train trip, we should be able to decide which sorts of things we would like to do when we have time in the Russian city we stop at. By choosing to check out Trans-Siberian Railway Holiday planning & booking pages on the website of more reputable providers of Trans-Mongolian or Trans-Manchurian journeys, we should be able to go about our travel arrangements so much easier.  

Experiencing Russia

Image Source: Unsplash

It is often the case that many of the people who travel on a Trans-Siberian express train that allows passengers to visit a few Russian cities will end up revisiting at least one of the cities in Russia that they spent time in. But before adventurous spirits either visit a Russian city for the first time or travel back to Russia after an awe-inspiring Trans-Siberian journey, they should look online for some of the best Russian holiday destinations including the following:

  1. Ruskeala, Karelia – a republic in the north west
  2. The city of Kazan in Tartarstan
  3. Yessentuki – an historical resort town
  4. Kaliningrad – featuring recreated medieval-style buildings
  5. Vladivostok – at the head of the Golden Horn Bay

Of course, anyone lucky enough to visit one of the more sought-after Russian holiday destinations as part of a wonderful Trans-Siberian express train trip should make sure they take plenty of photos of the many interesting sights to see in Russian city stopovers.


  1. Good article and some valid points. One thing i did not like is the Russian food, but the scenery is just amazing, worth the trip.
    Keep travelling!

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