The Best Sauces to Go With Your Steak

A high-quality meat is just one of the most important things that will ensure a perfectly-cooked steak. There are other factors that will come into play, such as the method of cooking and the sauce that complements the meat. The latter will be our focus in the rest of this post as we will quickly list down some of the best sauces that will enhance the flavor of your steak. There is no need to eat in the best restaurants in Atlanta to enjoy these sauces as you can make them even on your own.The Best Sauces to Go With Your Steak


This is often my go-to sauce. The best version I had was from my favorite steak restaurant in Atlanta, American Cut Steakhouse. It is simple but surprisingly good! You can prepare it easily and there is no need to have it cooked. Hailing all the way from Argentina, this sauce is made of chopped parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, and white wine. It is a tangy sauce that will up the flavor of your meat!

Salsa Verde

Just like the chimichurri, the salsa verde steak sauce is well-loved by many because it does not require cooking, making it almost effortless to prepare. This is an herby and green sauce that many people also love to incorporate in fish dishes, not just in steaks. The secret to making a delicious salsa verde is to make sure that all ingredients are finely chopped and that you have to do it by hand. For this sauce, you will need garlic, parsley, basil, mint, mustard, capers, and sweet vinegar.


A match made in heaven – this is what most people would describe a steak that is paired with a béarnaise sauce. To make this sauce, you will need to start by whisking egg yolks. Melted butter is added to increase the volume of the yolk. To cut through the thickness, add tarragon-infused wine and vinegar reduction. Make sure to always serve it warm for the best taste!

Red Wine

You do not only drink red wine to complement your meat. It will also make an excellent base for a steak sauce. One of the best ways to do this is to heat a 250ml of beef stock in a pan. Once the volume has been reduced in half, pour 125ml of your choice of red wine. To make it more flavorful, add one teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and two teaspoons of dark brown sugar. Leave it for ten minutes until it becomes thick. Add seasoning to make it taste as desired.

Au Poivre

A popular French sauce, its main ingredients are cognac, pepper, butter, olive oil, and cream. The most noticeable taste would be the peppery flavor of the sauce. This is for those who prefer to have thick sauce in their meats. You can add more butter in your recipe if you want the pepper to be not overpowering.

So, the next time you cook steak at home, make sure that your meat will be complemented with any of the sauces that have been mentioned above to deliver an explosion of mouthwatering flavors!


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