The Modern Do-It-All Mom

She’s a superhero. She’s a cook, a maid, a playmate, a caretaker, an employee, and probably so many other things she doesn’t get credit for.

Moms do it all, and for some reason we expect them to.

Even though many women consider motherhood fulfilling, something has to be said about what we expect of women during this period of their lives. OK. Maybe that period of life never goes away; once a mom, always a mom.

But let’s consider some of the amazing feats moms conquer, in the appreciation of motherhood and (sorry, boys) what the female body can do. Face it – your mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter… she’s a rockstar.

She knows where everyone is, at all times. Have a work dinner or meeting that will run late? Mom’s on board. She might even have dinner ready for you by the time you get home. School play? She’s in view, somehow making it on time even after sitting in nerve-shattering traffic for an hour. White knuckled, she wouldn’t miss the performance. How does she have enough hours in the day? She makes them, alongside of delightful sandwiches for the kids in the mornings.

She’s a cheerleader, task master, social advisor.

Human incubator, too. Regardless of whether she’s been through a natural birth, or a c-section, she is the single most important person in the child’s life for a hot minute. That means being a buffet and caretaker, even if she’s exhausted from giving birth. Or, if she’s undergone a c-section, it means weeks of recovery. Weeks. The procedure isn’t very long, maybe 60 minutes or so… but it requires nearly six weeks of recovery. That’s asking a lot of a woman, especially because of the rest of things moms tackle.

Women are expected to go back to work pretty quickly, too. Six weeks of maternity leave isn’t even enough to give her the right amount of healing time. But, if she doesn’t go back to work, she might get to experience mommy-shaming. That’s almost as terrible as suggesting she sacrifice her health for her job, right?

And then, moms have to juggle raising a child while still trying to have a career. Trying to still be successful and do it all at work while trying to do it all at home.

Moms do it all, and for some reason we expect them to. It’s time to give women the consideration their bodies and health deserve.

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