The Most Natural Painkiller In The World: Pure CBD, Now In Capsule Form

You may have come across the goodness of cannabis in recent health blogs, medical journals, international publications and even the Ayurvedic texts. The craze for cannabidiol (CBD) may be recent, but the use of marijuana in medicine has been around since time immemorial. The hermits and saints of India have used this herb from time to time due to its miraculous healing nature. Currently, thanks to media and the controversial role of marijuana in the popular culture, ganja has earned a somewhat cowboy status among healing plants and ayurvedic medications.

Cannabis consists of two main components cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While THC is responsible for the hallucinogenic properties of the herb, CBD takes care of pain, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, and psychosomatic problems. There are unique strains that subdue the levels of THC to give the consumer a majorly painkilling effect. The only way to enjoy the healing goodness of it without any of the hallucinogenic effects is by opting for CBD capsules.  

They are easy to consume

The new CBD gel capsules are easy to swallow. They are more convenient than the conventional tinctures and oils. When you are drinking CBD tincture, you might want someplace private for making the mix or a bottle of coke to wash it down. CBD softgel capsules are non-messy. You can pop one with plain water, after a meal, anywhere. They are inconspicuous, just like your regular vitamin supplement soft gels.

CBD content in soft gels is precise

People, who used to take CBD oil, often faced the problem of adjusting the dosage. One drop more or one drop less could mess up the affectivity of the CBD tincture. In the case of gel capsules, you can enjoy pre-measured quantities of CBD. You can swallow one or two, depending on the dose your doctor recommends. It is not necessary that every brand has the same amount of CBD in each capsule. Therefore, you should check the content each time you switch brands.

They offer daylong action

You can take these capsules daily at any given hour. Some of the favorite brands provide sustained release forms. They ensure that you can remain free from pain throughout the day without popping harmful painkillers every hour. Additionally, the chances of feeling lethargic, sleepy, “spaced out” and dyspeptic on CBD capsules is much lower than that of pain medications.

They have nil to minimal side effects

While certain heart conditions, kidney and urinary tract complications and liver diseases can prevent a person from taking regular analgesics, CBD is suitable for almost everyone. Due to its completely natural composition, it is less harmful than all the synthetic painkillers out in the market. They have minimal contraindications. Doctors are gradually becoming more accepting of the analgesic effects of this compound, and some well-known medical professionals are trying CBD soft gel capsules to combat the stress from their jobs.

With more publications on the beneficial effects of purified cannabidiol, people are ready to take a more natural healing path. CBD has the answer to many lifestyle diseases, severe disorders and congenital afflictions that plague humanity.

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