The Top 5 Things To Do Near Staples Center Suites

Formally stylized as STAPLES Center, Staples Center Suites is a multi-purpose arena adjoining LA Live development in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s seated in proximity to the LA Convention Center along Figueroa Street. Established on the 17th October 1999, the arena is one of the key sporting facilities within the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The Top 5 Things to Do Near Staples Center Suites

  1. Go Shopping

Sometimes visiting the STAPLES Center to watch the game or concert simply isn’t enough to achieve a fully-fledged Los Angles experience. Remember, a lot is going on in Los Angles, and you can’t afford to miss out on all the fun the city has to offer. Los Angles is a renowned shopper’s paradise that’s stuffed with flashy malls, quirky independent stores, and retail boulevards.

International fashion is the thing here, from sleek modern elegance to the most outrageous designs you’ve ever seen. One of the obvious shopper’s magnets is the legendary Rodeo Drive, which has been portrayed in numerous movies.

Several affordable shopping havens can also be found on the beach side, such as in the Long Beach’s Retro Row and the hipster hangout of Abbot Kinney. Other marvelous places to indulge in a shopping spree include the Beverly Hills, Melrose Avenue (Hollywood), LA Fashion District, and much more.

  1. Wine & Dine Walking Tours

Indulging in wine and dine walking tours gives you a (rare) opportunity to follow and satisfy your taste buds around LA’S charming neighborhoods. You’ve got your unique choice in tours, right? Wine and dine walking tours listens to you and provides a wonderful and insightful tour.

Wine and dine walking tours supports your unique choice and lets you indulge in memorable experiences including food and wine. You’ll get to learn more about the city’s neighborhoods as you stroll down the streets between destinations. This is a decent place to experience LA’s hidden gems, informative interaction with tour guides, and excellent food and wine.

  1. The GRAMMY Museum

This is an educational and interactive museum that portrays the history and winners of the Grammy Awards. This museum inspires you to learn the history of musical genres through interactive videos, touch-screens and recording booths. Also featured in the museum is a massive collection of historical artifacts, such as Grammy Awards instruments/costumes, records, handwritten lyrics, and audio and video recordings.

  1. Discover the Dinosaurs

Discover the Dinosaurs is an exceptional exhibit in Los Angles, which comprises life-like anatomical moving dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs Hall lets you get up close and personal with many favorite specimens like T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Triceraptors among others. You will have a chance to learn about these mysterious creatures using hands-on exhibits such as Dino Dig, prehistoric poop, and a computerized Bone Scanner.

  1. The Grand Hope Park

The Grand Hope Park is a 2.5-acre park designed by a landscape architect called Lawrence Halprin. The park anchors the southern end of the LA’s Open Source Network and acts as a gateway to the commercial, residential and cultural district of the Southern Park. This unique landscape is a center of a new redevelopment project including residential and retail spaces.

The Grand Hope Park’s design incorporates a set of outdoor rooms each formed by using sculptures, trees, fountains, and walkways. This park comprises a large water feature, a playground for kids, and outdoor spaces for community gatherings.

This site also houses a host of local artwork, such as the clock tower at the entrance designed by Halprin. Various artists from California designed other beautiful works in this park. These include Ralph Mcintosh, Lita Albuquerque, Gwynn Murrill, Raul Guerrero, and Adrian Saxe.

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