Things To Do in Columbus, Ohio

As many of my readers know, I love traveling. My family and I did a lot of traveling when I was younger and I always appreciated the sense of adventure that came with piling into the car with them, picking a destination and setting out. The scenery, the pit stops, never knowing what we’d encounter along the way–those were just a few things that I looked forward to every time my parents would announce another family trip. Our family vacations and weekend getaways were some of the best memories of my childhood.

Now that I’m an adult and have a family of my own, I’ve made it my mission to carry on the tradition of taking family trips. Whether it be because they’re young or because they genuinely enjoy the excitement of it all, my kids seem to love traveling together as much as I did when I was younger. Granted, sometimes there’s the occasional skirmish here and there that comes with being cooped up in the car together for long hours at a time but aside from that, our trips are always enjoyed by all.

As much as I love a good dose of spontaneity, my family’s trips together are usually planned out in advance. After all, unless they’re on a break from school, it can be hard to be spontaneous when you have to keep to school hours, shuttle everyone back and forth to extracurricular activities, run daily errands, etc. So, I usually start planning out our little getaways a few months in advance based on which breaks are coming up in the school year.

Things To Do in Columbus, Ohio

With summer vacation close at hand, I started looking around a few months and found myself intrigued by the idea of visiting Ohio. I’ve gone through the state a few times over the course of my travels but never stayed longer than what it took to pass through. Columbus was especially eye-catching because of all of the available things to do in the city. There are options for kids, couples, singletons, and groups. If Columbus has ever sparked your interest, based on my research I’d definitely recommend stopping in if you’re in the area.

Some of the included things you can experience in the city include but aren’t limited to:

  • Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden. Some people might try to say that once you’ve seen one Botanical Garden, you’ve seen them all but that’s just not true. Botanical Gardens are on of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. There are so many different things to see and experience, like nature based exhibits, art and in the case of this particular garden, the Conservatory. The Franklin Park Conservatory is one of the top attractions in Columbus, Ohio and very much worth the trip with enticing sights like beautiful gardens and majestic butterflies.Located at 1777 E. Broadway Street, guests at the Botanical Garden and Conservatory can arrive and enjoy the sights from 10am to 5pm. General admission is $14 per visitor with seniors and children getting in at a discounted rate. If you have little ones under 2 visiting with you, they get in free!
  • Downtown Columbus. If you’re a fan of shopping and wandering around town, then Downtown is definitely a must-see if you’re visiting or even passing through. Downtown is home to places such as Pearl Market, Columbus Commons where you can experience some great summer concerts and Scioto Mile, where you can bird watch on the shore or dine at delicious restaurants!
  • Short North Arts District. Considered to be the heart and soul of Columbus, Short North Arts District is home to art, fashion and unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. This is the place you want to visit if you’re looking to take home mementos and one of a kind gifts for loved ones back home. The district is home to over 300 businesses, with the majority being independently owned and operated. You can find this gem at 21 E. 5th Avenue, suite 103.
  • Ohio Theater. Although it started out as a home for popular films back in 1928, the Ohio Theater is now the place to go for performances such as ballet, musicals and more. The theater is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a fun evening for the family but even more ideal if you’re in search of a unique and exciting date night with your significant other!
Columbus is a wonderful place to visit if you’ve been considering taking a summer trip now that the little ones are out of school. Not only is it a great option for family but it’s also a great place to take a trip if you’re wanting a couples getaway or vacation with friends! There are so many things to do in Columbus that range from shopping, dining and much more!

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