Tools Every Home Cook Should Have

You must have tried buying cookware for your kitchen or just attempted to enhance the nature of gadgets in your present kitchen. You have likely discovered that collecting good quality kitchen tools is substantially more time-taking than it apparently seemed.

We all want our kitchens to be a pleasant and enjoyable work space. To ensure that, tools that you use must be handy, ingredients should be stocked up, sink must be tidy, and work surfaces must be neat. For better productivity and timesaving, you must have the following kitchen tools to work with.

Tools Every Home Cook Should Have


Knives can never be enough. Those butcher blocks brimming with knives look decent on your kitchen counter, however you truly just need three of them: a serrated knife, a paring knife, and a 9 to 10 inch-long chef’s knife are good basics to start with. This is one tool that you would prefer not to buy without holding it first. Buy the ones that feel natural in your hand. There are good quality knives that are easily affordable and will go a long way.


A kitchen that of a minimalist or a cooking expert – towels are essentials needed for cleaning, drying dishes, regular dusting, and wiping up dribbles. However, towels are something many people ignore to consider when filling up their kitchen space.

After much seeking and searching, we found these Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Towels and didn’t feel the need to look anywhere else. Not only are these flour sack towels rationally priced, but are 100% cotton, and can be used for multiple purposes – from cleaning to cooking, crafting to serving, and a lot more.

Cutting Boards

They come in handy especially when your work surface isn’t clean. Two boards are sufficient – one for cooked foods and produce and another for raw proteins – to keep away from cross-contamination while cooking. Polyethylene plastic cutting boards are reasonable, solid, and simple to clean. Buy ones that are dishwasher-safe.

Measuring Spoons & Cups

A full set of measuring cups and spoons is as important as ingredients for cooking any meal. You may want to buy two sets of measuring cups – one for measuring dry ingredients and the other set with handles and pour spouts for measuring liquids.


Whether for mixing ingredients or filling up food, a deal of 3 stainless-steel bowls that fix inside each other is a space accumulator. They are economical, all-around, and will remain for a lifetime.


For beginner cooks, nonstick pots are wonderful gadgets, however metal utensils should never be used on nonstick skillets as scraped levels will badly affect the nonsticky element of these pots. When buying these tools, go for large and small nonstick skillets, saucepans, stainless steel skillets, and a stockpot.


For draining rice and pasta or washing salad greens and vegetables, a colander is a fundamental tool for a minimalist kitchen. This is a piece that you will always utilize and couldn’t crack even if you try your best. Get the one that has feet and is the appropriate size for your family. Also ensure that it will be well placed in your sink.

The list of must-haves doesn’t end here. There are several other tools that a minimalist must stock up on but first get the ones listed above.


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    Hardwood cutting boards and Grater would also be the must-have tools for the kitchen.

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