Top 4 Educational Apps For Kids

Are you a busy parent wondering how to keep your child engaged in more productive learning without having to put in too much diligence? With approaches like STEM Education that combine fun and learning, educational games offer a great platform to expose your young ones to interactive learning early in their childhood. Take a look at the following cool educational games I’ve highlighted for your kid’s growth & development.

Elmo Loves 123s

As interesting as Incredibles 2, Elmo Loves 123s is a colorful and exciting learning app for kids based on the Sesame Street theme. It helps them count numbers and recognize different digits in the numerical system. It includes loads of interesting features like Sesame street videos, puzzles, modules for addition & subtraction, coloring pages and cute surprises for children. Your kid will have a great time interacting with Elmo and Abby Cadabby – instructors who teach math in a highly engaging environment.

Cookie Monster’s Challenge

Another exciting educational app to help your kid develop comprehension abilities and easily go to sleep is Cookie Monster’s Challenge. It includes a huge repository of Disney story e-books like princess tales, Minnie Mouse stories, and Doctor McMuffins etc. The app comes free for iPad users for the first four books. You can also expect this displayed at an expo center or a trade show event usually organized or facilitated by established firms like Expomarketing where different companies exhibiting toys or kid’s products have fun activities and interactive displays for customer engagement.

The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic

This learning app is the perfect way to teach your kid shapes, numbers, colors and letters in the most interesting way. The app features Ms. Frizzle who takes her students on an exciting aquatic trip where they learn science facts and colors. Your kid will love this app and have great fun watching interactive videos and meeting with different types of fish that teach numbers, alphabets, and colors in an adventurous underwater journey.

Stack the States

Stack the shades is another awesome app for kids which teaches state capitals and abbreviations including their shapes. Have fun watching your kid build state stacks and complete challenging tasks to reach new interactive levels. This fun app helps develop your child’s cognitive abilities while your child’s busy creating an entire map of the United States with all its states on it. Help your child develop the necessary knowledge early in their age. It will eventually help them in their future educational endeavors through this interactive learning app.

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