Top Fun Activities for Children at an Animal Farm

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If you were blessed to be born in the countryside, you’ve most likely had close contact with farm animals while growing up. Unfortunately, the concrete jungle of large cities doesn’t provide the same opportunities for children who mostly learn about animals from books and by going to the zoo.

If you want to change that, a day trip to the nearest animal farm could prove a beneficial experience for children. Children suffering from anxiety, depression, mild forms of autism, PTSD, and other problems can dramatically improve their behavior by getting in contact with animals and learning about their customs. 

There are plenty of animal farms that provide amazing activities and programs for children and adults alike who are looking for new and exciting experiences. Here is a list of what we think you should look for first:

Sleepover at the farm

If you plan on spending a real weekend surrounded by animals and experience the simple life first hand, a sleepover is a perfect opportunity. You will not only get to breathe fresh air and stay away from electronic devices but you will also learn how to get comfortable in the hay, how to clean after animals, and how to help with the chores in exchange for food and a roof under your head. 

It doesn’t get any more real than that and your children will certainly come to appreciate more the privileges of being born in a big city. 

Milking the animals 

We all know the milk comes from cans but how does it get inside them? 

Milk is rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamins like A, B complex, C, D, E, and K, helping children to grow stronger bones and improve their immune system. It is also a very popular ingredient for breakfast, so it might be a good opportunity to teach your children more about its properties. 

Animal farms allow children to assist in the process of milking cows or goats and learn more about the process. Some farms even sell their own animal produce, meaning children can see how the cows are milked with the help of a good milking machine, and how it is later transformed into cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. 

Playing with animals

Perhaps the moment your little ones are waiting for is to have the liberty to play with the animals. From chickens to goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, ducks, and even horses or llamas, your children will learn a lot more about them if they are allowed to touch them and pet them. 

This activity can even cure phobias and represents good therapy against stress, traumas, depression, and anxiety. Just make sure you stick around your children all the time in case they get scared or are shy at first. 


If you have already learned how to collect the eggs, and milk the cows, it’s high time you turned these products into a delicious meal. 

Most farm animals will have a small kitchen where children and adults alike can learn how to cook with fresh ingredients cut from the veggie garden, herbs, and animal produce. From delicious omelets to natural juices, tea, butter, and pasta, your children will definitely appreciate the experience of turning their hard work into edible results. 


Artistic activities shouldn’t be left aside either when you’re at a farm. Simply take some hay and, with the help of some rubber and duct tape, transform it into a brush. Make several brushes for all the little ones and let their imagination run free as they put on paper all the crazy colors from the paint tubes. 

Painting with hay is not only recreational but educational at the same time as it allows everyone to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions on a blank canvas. Invite them to take inspiration from what they see around – the golden fields, the animals, the flowers or all the people doing chores. 

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