Top Tips To Make Your Pregnancy Comfortable

For some women, getting pregnant is a miracle. To carry another human being in your body is an amazing experience. However, a pregnancy is not always fun. The happiness of getting pregnant can be dulled by the pain and aches and nausea that accompanies it. It introduces a whole new level of discomfort. Bleeding while peeing, uncomfortable sleeping positions, waking up in the middle of the night because of those crazy hungry pangs, etc. It’s no walk in the park.

However there are some ways and steps which can make your pregnancy more comfortable. Here are a few ways to be relieved of the discomforts that come with pregnancy:

  1. Sickness

The hormonal changes your body faces when pregnant are the cause of morning and motion sickness. It can happen at any unexpected time. While walking or cooking or cleaning. What you should do is never go to sleep on an empty stomach. Try to eat healthy as much as you can. Never eat too much and overload your stomach.

2. Body Pillow

Yes, body pillows are expensive but they are a good investment and worth your while. It is nothing like having two regular pillows tucked. A body pillow can really help with your back aches and the pain in your hips.

3. Belly Bands And Maternity Clothes

Belly bands are made especially for those active women who feel useless when just lying on the bed. A belly band can support your lower back and abdomen, making it easier for you to move. You wont feel as if the weight of your belly is bringing you down. You can comfortably go about your chores or working while wearing a belly band. 71% of women, during a pregnancy, experience back pain. A belly band can help decrease that pain. Sometimes, sacroiliac joint pain occurs in women because of too much of a hormone named relaxin. The pain is excruciating and occurs near the lower back and it causes the hip bones to become less stable. Belly bands are specially designed to support that area and help with those pains. It also helps with round ligament pain! Round ligament pain occurs just below your belly when the weight of the belly becomes unbearable. It also causes extreme pain and belly bands are the answer for it. Moreover, belly bands also act more like a sports bra. You don’t go for a run without a sports bra, do you? The same way, belly bands help keep your belly in place so that you can move around more comfortably.

As for maternity clothes, nowadays, since many women tend to work or travel abroad comfort is their number one priority but they also want to look fashionable. Maternity clothes are not at all expensive. When buying maternity clothes, make sure they are a little baggy and loose and make sure they support your stomach. They come in a lot of different designs and fashions. Wear longer shirts or tunic tops which are breathable and the material is soft.

4. Hydration

When you’re pregnant, it is crucial for you to drink a lot of water. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas, especially caffeine. Sip some water between eating meals. Drinking water can help you avoid heartburn and unwanted constipation.

5. Rest

Do not exercise your body more than absolutely necessary. If you feel like you need to lie down and rest, do so. Listen to your body at this time! Avoid extra work and tiring yourself. Moreover, as the baby grows inside you, it may become difficult to find a good sleeping position. Surround yourself with a lot of pillows and always sleep on your sides. Eating or drinking before sleeping should be avoided.

6. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks during a pregnancy is obviously unavoidable. However you can take steps to remove them overtime. Many pregnant women have recommended using coconut oil to banish such stretch marks. Remember that it takes a little time for the coconut oil to show some obvious results. Be patient till then!

7. Physical Activity

With your pregnancy, your muscles and ligaments tend to keep on tightening overtime. You should always take steps to keep them loose and comfortable. For example, go out on a walk or do some house chores which you’d normally do. YouTube is a great way to find out how to do yoga while pregnant. This can really keep your muscles greasy, up and working.

8. Chiropractor

Your body tends to get misaligned as you go about your pregnancy. The pain focuses more on the lower back and hips. This can make natural delivery a torture. However, you can always get proper chiropractor care. A chiropractor can help alleviate that pain which can make natural delivery possible.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be hard. Take proper care of yourself and you’ll be directly benefiting your baby!

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