Tracing The Origins of Hair Extensions – An Overview of Global Hair Trade

Virgin hair is flooding the internet as will be evident from the numerous sources listed in search results from where you can buy virgin hair bundles from Brazil as well as some other countries like Peru, Malaysia, India, and Mongolia.  It shows how extensive the market is for human hair that has great demand from every corner of the world. Hair they are all but every type is different in its appearance, color, thickness and texture depending on its origin. Chinese hair is the coarsest, and for the most beautiful bounce, there is nothing better than Brazilin hair. For lustrous hair that is also natural, Indian hair fits the bill perfectly. The fine textures of European hair together with its varied colors and limited supply makes it a premium item that comes mostly from East European countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Romania.

woman with long blonde hair

The chart toppers

Virgin hair The hair market is huge because of its demand in almost every country as is evident from the rising popularity of hair extensions, most of which are made from natural hair.  If you are looking for the most dependable hair extension that can adapt all hairstyles, then it is just not enough to ensure that the hair is natural but it must also be of virgin quality. In the context of hair, virgin means human hair that has never undergone any chemical exposure and obtained from a single donor.  The hair belonged to someone who has never used any dyes, perms, bleaches and harsh washes on the hair but just left it to grow naturally. Since sources of such hair are quite limited, it is natural that virgin hair is quite expensive.

Remy hair While there are many different channels for gathering human hair, no one really is aware of the methods of generation of human hair and how it is collected for trade. However, the demand for Remy hair is also quite high because it comes to the users directly from donors who cut or shave the hair. India is a big source of Remy hair because of the tradition of shaving heads in temples that constitute a large portion of the supply.

What is standard hair?

Seldom does hair reach users directly from donors because a big chunk of human hair comes from comb waste that starts its journey as hairballs and collected from plugholes and combs.  This is a more marketable commodity that the trade defines as standard hair. Mostly, this is term prevalent in Chinese factories that convert it into a marketable commodity in the form of wigs or hair extensions.

Authenticity is a question

There is yet no standard available to classify hair and determine its authenticity and consumers of natural hair extensions have no other way but to rely on the integrity of traders to make the right purchase.

From the beginning to the end, the supply chain is shrouded in secrecy and buyers must try their luck to see if they manage to get a product that meets their expectations and justifies the price.

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