Transition from Old to Modern Furniture

Furniture can be defined as objects that support various human activities like seating, sleeping, holding things for us at a convenient height for work and for storing things and we use chairs, beds, tables, cupboard to fulfill these needs respectively. Furniture designing has become an art though. Furniture fulfills the functional role on the basic level but it also serves as symbolic and religious purposes. In old times furniture was made by only wood but due to advancement is material sciences and technology today the furniture is being made by many materials like plastic, aluminum, and wood. Furniture can be made by many woodworking joints which reflect the culture of that locality. People have been using natural objects as furniture like tree, rock, moss, and stumps since the beginning of civilization. Work done at archaeological sites have shown that from around 30,000 years ago, people began constructing and carving their own furniture, using wood, stone, and animal bones. Venus Figurine is the name of the artwork known from early times that was found in Russia. Then in the early dynasty period of Egypt complex construction techniques like joinery began and in this era stools and table were made and often they were decorated with valuable metal and ivory.

pexels-photo-189333 furnitureFurniture of Modern Times:

We can refer the modern furniture to the furniture produced in the late 19th century. The aesthetics of furniture was influenced by post World War 2 ideas of cutting excess, commodification and practicality of materials in design. The evolution in furniture was from visually heavy to visually light. Change in technology, change in philosophy and influence of principles of architecture forced the paradigm from decorative to minimalistic. With modern designs, it was possible to keep the focus on the design of the object rather than decorative part and that leads to saving money, time, material and labor. Prior to the modern design movement, there was a concept of furniture as an ornament. The origin of design belongs back to the industrial revolution and birth of mechanized production. One of the examples of modern furniture is Mid Century Modern Furniture. In the modern age, the use of modern material has increased like steel in many forms, glass as well, molded plywood and plastic of many types. And today too furniture designers and manufacturer still continue to evolve the design. Still, they are in search of new materials which will be used to produce unique forms, still using simplicity and light in form.


Furniture types:

Furniture is of many types but seating furniture is amongst the oldest known furniture types and it is most important too. On the one side, it has a functional requirement and it also has to do with the decorative element from ancient times to this present day. The simplest form of the seat is chair and is being made in many different shapes and designs. Many types of wood are used to make furniture that can be categorized into softwood and hardwood both of these have their own specific uses. Mostly used type of wood is hardwood and most of the time it from oak, maple, teak, walnut, and cherry. Furniture can also be categorized by single seater which includes a simple chair, bean bag, chaise longue, ottoman, recliner, fainting couch, rocking chair etc. Multiple seaters include bench, couch, divan and love seat.


  1. I live in an old home and like to have furniture and decor to match the antique feel of the house. The only problem is old furniture is less comfortable and less functional (as a total generalization). I have updated my couch to an electric couch that has all the bells and whistles (even a massager) I LOVE it. Sometimes I love living nowadays.

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