Traveling With Kids? Check Out This List of Ways To Keep Them Occupied On The Road

Sitting in the car for hours on end is no fun for anyone. Even if you do stop at motorway services and stretch your legs from time to time. When you’re travelling to reach your holiday destination, relatives or even just away for the weekend, it always seems to take forever to get there. So just imagine if you have to put up with all the boredom and frustration of travelling when you’re strapped into a car seat…

Studies have shown that most parents worry and almost dread taking long car journeys with their children, but only because they can’t pacify or console them properly, making them feel useless, frustrated and stressed. So, if you’re planning a long car journey with your children, I’ve rounded up some super simple travelling hacks that can make the journey easier for all of you.

Keep them busy

Even kids get bored of counting how many cars of a certain colour they can see – especially on the motorway! So, it pays to be prepared. Take some colouring pens and before you go, print off some colouring pages from the internet – check out printerinks cartridges here – and let them get creative. When they get fed up of colouring, get them to draw pictures of their favourite cartoon characters or a picture of them doing whatever they’re looking forward to the most when you all finally arrive at your destination.

Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Whether it’s boredom or genuine hunger, kids with tummy rumbles get grumpy – and fast! So, make sure you have plenty stashed away for when hunger strikes. I usually let the kids help me pack them a packed lunch for the trip; it keeps them involved and gives them something to look forward to. I also buy something extra that I normally wouldn’t, such as a certain brand of biscuits or jelly sweets just to make it all extra special and exciting!

Make their packed lunch a good combination of sensible, savoury items that will suppress genuine hunger pangs and then add a couple of sweet treats (avoid chocolate) and fruit, I also keep things like crackers, breadsticks, rich tea biscuits and things with me. And don’t forget a bottle of water each too!

Don’t be afraid of tech

Don’t worry about how much screen time your kids are getting. When you’re travelling, everyday rules need to be relaxed a little. If it’s going to pacify them for thirty minutes while you sit in a traffic jam then don’t feel guilty.

Let them pack a bag

As mentioned earlier, getting the kids involved certainly gets them more excited for the journey ahead. So, with that in mind get them a little bag each and let them fill it with some small toys, stickers, books, teddy bears or anything that will give them comfort. Of course if they try to bring their entire Lego collection you might need to step in…! Take some time before you travel and help them pack.

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