Unique Things To Do On The Weekend

Not sure what to do this weekend? Are you and your friends tired of doing the same thing, or doing nothing because you’re having trouble coming up with a plan?

If so, you’re in luck.

Below are some unique things to do on the weekend.

visiting a museum

Visit a museum

Visiting a museum can be fun, cheap (depending on the museum, of course), informative, and lead to an all-day outing.

Not only that but museum exhibitions can lead to you seeing something you’ve never seen before. After all, some exhibits are only at museums for a certain amount of time. They can also lead to inspiration and wonderment since you’re looking at people, places, and things of the past.

Take your adventure outdoors

Depending on the time of year and where you live, taking your adventure outdoors can lead to disconnection, fun, and gratitude. Needless to say, there are plenty of health benefits of outdoor adventures, and not just for physical health but mental health as well.

Some outdoor adventures you can take: Hiking, bike rides, camping, climbing, walking around your neighborhood, and fishing.

Tour a brewery/distribution center

Touring a brewery or alcoholic beverage distributor is a great way to learn how your favorite alcoholic beverages are made. Not to mention, your tour might include free samples (if you’re 21 or older, that is).

This kind of tour can lead to you doing something unique on the weekend that features taste testing and learning something new.

Have a girls’ or guys’ night in

More and more young people are staying in on the weekends. Whether you and your friends are doing so as well or not, a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night is by having a girls’ or guys’ night in.

Some of the benefits of doing so could include saving money, having better conversations as opposed to being at a loud bar, being in the comfort and safety of your own home, and playing fun games you want to play, such as board or video games.


As Psychology Today points out, volunteering can help you establish strong relationships, it’s good for society, and it gives you a sense of purpose.

Volunteering on the weekends can lead to you having enough time to support a cause that’s meaningful to you and, of course, beneficial to many different people and a specific cause.

There’s nothing quite like helping out people in need and helping the greater good in some way.

Learn something new

There are many different ways to learn something new on the weekends. As we stated above, one of those ways is by going on a museum tour. However, you can also visit the local library, attend a conference, play a musical instrument, read in the park, take a class (cooking, art, etc.), or many other options.

Not only can some of the above options be fun, but learning can lead to career advancement, teach you useful skills, help you maintain a healthy brain, and so much more.

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of your weekends by taking the learning route.

Explore your ‘backyard’

So many people dream about going to different countries and exotic places, but there’s so much to see in your own “backyard.”

What we mean by this is venturing to destinations and places in your area, and exploring things where you live. For example, you could visit a nearby national park or see a play or musical at the local theater. Every town, city, and state are uniquely different from one another and provide so much in the entertainment department. Take some time to get out and explore your area on the weekends, for it can lead to a new and unique experience and you getting outside of your bubble.

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