Some Useful Travel Tips for Packing

Whether you’re packing for a three-week holiday at the beach or a weekend city break, you’ll need all the travel packing tips you can get to ensure you have a stress-free trip. Use the following tips next time you’re traveling.

Organizing your packing

  1. Make a packing list

A packing list is important because it ensures that you don’t leave any important things at home. If you find it too difficult to determine what to pack, you can print out a holiday packing list from a reliable travel site to be sure that you carry all your everyday holiday essentials. You can then add your own personal items to the list, including carry-on luggage and a money clip wallet.


  1. Avoiding stains

Remember those times you’ve packed light colored clothes only to find a stain when you got to your destination? To avoid this problem, make sure that all your light colored clothes are packed inside out. Also, you can use disposable shower caps from your hotel to cover the base of your shoes.

  1. Roll and vacuum pack

It’s quite irksome to get to your destination and find that many of your clothes need ironing. So, instead of folding your clothes, roll them and place them in vacuum compression bags to stop creasing and save on much needed space. To use these bags, place your clothes in, squeeze out the air and seal them. This frees up space in your suitcase to pack other things.

  1. Cube your clothes

Among the most useful travel tips is to use packing cubes. These help you keep different categories of items separate and enable you to access them more quickly.

  1. Fill dead space

When packing for your trip, you need to use as much space as you can in the suitcase or travel bag you use to carry your luggage. Roll small items such as socks, underwear and tops and stuff them into your shoes to ensure that you use up all the available space.

  1. Stay fresh

Keeping your clothes smelling fresh is important, especially when you are on an extended trip. You’ll be able to keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout the trip by carrying scented drawer liners, fabric conditioner sheets and a small bag of potpourri.

Gadgets and other items

  1. Ziplock bags

Get some ziplock bags to pack your gadgets. Carry extra packing bags similar to the one used for hand-luggage liquids and use them to keep electrical items (headphones, adaptors, camera charger, phone charger), things for the journey home (car keys, parking ticket, house keys), and medication among other loose accessories.

  1. Books

Don’t carry heavy guide books; instead, reduce weight and save on space by photocopying the important pages that you might need. Or you can carry an e-book reader and read the downloaded version of the book.

  1. Empty tubes and bottles

To avoid a bad situation of being robbed, it’s a good idea to avoid flashing your cash. If you’re on the beach and you need to go for a swim, use an empty sun tan lotion to hide your money.


Mathew Reim has been traveling the world for nearly a decade. He enjoys immersing himself in local cultures, especially seeking out local wildlife and learning the local language. Visit this website for more information

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