Want to Increase Your Blog Traffic? Here are Some Useful Tips

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If you are working full time and managing a blog on the side, you need to find some free techniques to market it. You do not even need to spend a dime to market your blog. Here are the best ways that you can get your blog in the public domain without spending money:

Share on Social Media

Publishing content is not enough; you need to promote it as well. Part of your job as a blogger is connecting with other bloggers in your field and you can do this through social media. If you do this properly, you will increase your Twitter and Facebook followers.

When you connect with the right people, their followers will find your content interesting. Leveraging social media is the best way to increase your blog traffic within a short period. If people see snippets of your blog posts, they will want to visit your blog for an in-depth look.

Write Quality Content

You need to write something that people will relate to enough to comment on it, share, and come back for more. Search engines also love high quality content, which means that your blog will rank higher when users search for specific keywords related to your post. High quality content needs to be descriptive, original, shareable, and unique. When writing quality content, make sure to keep SEO in mind. A great option would be to use a SEO Marketing firm to help you out.

Moreover, you need to let users see who the author of a post is instead of writing admin at the bottom. People are more likely to respond to an author with a real name. If you cannot produce good content, you should consider outsourcing your posts because poor quality content will not get you anywhere.

Write Frequently

As soon as you figure out how to write great content, you should start doing it frequently. Having a publishing schedule gives users the motivation to come back to your blog in search of more. Moreover, search engines such as Google will come back to your site to learn more about it and get fresh content.

Search engines like to show users information that is up-to-date in their results pages. This means that updating your blog frequently will give you a higher ranking, which will translate to more traffic. Make sure that you come up with a realistic publishing schedule that you can follow instead of promising posts that you cannot deliver.

Write Catchy Titles

You need to choose titles that users, as well as search engines, can comprehend. If a title is user-friendly, that does not automatically mean that it is also search engine friendly. For maximum exposure, you need to choose a title that is both people and search engine friendly. The title that you select also matters when it comes to SEO optimization – make sure that you choose a title that includes your keywords. Check out White Label Reviews for assistance.

This way, the search engines will know what your post is about immediately. A good title not only increases your traffic but it also increases the social media sharing and email open rate. You also need to choose a topic that attracts attention if you want to increase traffic. To find the sweet spot, you should write about topics that interest you and those that you are knowledgeable about.

Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is one of the safe ways of link building but it has more benefits. When you write for a guest site, you will promote your brand and increase your traffic. The best way to increase traffic is by scoring guest posts on websites that have a huge following, which is not easy.

First, you have to identify the best candidates for your guest posts then come up with a plan on how to get published. Sending an email with a post will not work, which means that you have to show some creativity. When approaching big websites, you need to show them your previous works. When their editors look at your application, they will also look at your social media presence, so you need to have a strong social media presence.

Because you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show your expertise, you should write a detailed and lengthy blog post for the guest site. You can use resources such as blogging resources from GoStartABlog if you need help coming up with a topic.

Improve Your Blog Loading Time

According to research, users expect website pages to load in two seconds. You can do this by reducing the plugins that you use, as they have a tendency to slow down a website. You should consider replacing numerous plugins with an all-in-one solution for faster load times.


You should also optimize images to make your load times faster. Although images increase a blog’s visual appeal, you need to know that they also increase the load time. Instead of uploading full-size images, you can use plugins to compress them without losing any of the quality. You can also use a plugin that allows for conditional image loading as the user scrolls to the bottom of a page.

Respond to Blog Comments

Responding to the comments on your blog posts increases your traffic. The more you communicate with people in the comment section, the more the number of words on the page increases, which is good for your SEO. Moreover, people will keep coming back to look for new posts and might even subscribe to your newsletter.

If you come across a spammer who fills your comment section with nonsensical links, you should make use of spam blockers. On the other hand, if somebody took the time to read your post and did not like it, you should not be rude to him or her. Just have a civil conversation about what the person did not like and say that you appreciate the feedback.

You need to try all the above techniques if you want to increase your blog traffic. However, you should know that not all of them will work for you. Although increasing your blog traffic is a lot of work, it will be worth every minute when it starts coming.

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