Water Filters for Your Home

When the sun is shining there is very little that is as refreshing as an ice cold glass of water. The fact that it is beneficial to your health is simply a bonus.

But, the first thing you’ll realize when you start looking is that there are hundreds of different firms on the market; all offering the very best water filters for your home.

The real question is how do you choose one that will be effective, easy to maintain and won’t cost a fortune. Fortunately this guide will help you understand the different types available.

The Water Cooler

This is a common sight in offices and other commercial units. It can be fitted and connected to the mains water supply or you can refresh the bottled water every time it runs out.

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What is good about this option is the fact that it is a standalone system. This makes it a viable option if you find yourself without water. It filters the water and ensures it is safe to drink but you can refill it from your tap or any bottle.

The Pitcher

Another option if you want to keep your costs to a minimum and you’re only worried about the water you drink is the pitcher filter.

This is a filter that is built into a jug or pitcher. You add water to the top of the jug, it slowly filtrates through the filter and collects in the bottom half of the jug; ready for you to use in your drinks.

Under Counter

It is possible to get a small filter and fit it onto the supply line under your sink. You can then connect the out point to a specific tap. It is a good idea to fit a new tap just for this reason.

The water will move through the filter and you’ll always have filtered water ready to drink when you use the specified faucet. Of course if you forget then you’ll just have to drink the water from any faucet.

The Shower Filter

This is a less common option but a viable one. When you take a shower your pores are open; leaving you more vulnerable to the chemicals in the water after it has been treated.

A shower filter can prevent this from being an issue.

The Whole House Water Filter

This is a more expensive option but it will give you complete peace of mind. The water filter system needs to be fitted into your supply line. This will ensure it works on all the water in your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a shower or just washing your hands; you can be confident that the water is chemical free and there is no debris or bacteria.

The whole house filtration system may seem like a big effort or even a little overkill. But it is especially beneficial if you or your family have any allergies. Open pores when showering can let a surprising number of chemicals into your body.

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