Ways to Incorporate Steel into Your Home Interior

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There is a general idea that steel is only suitable for outdoors, such as in gates, railings and fences. But if we look at photos of home interiors on the Internet, we see some steel ornaments that look good with other materials like wood, fabric and other materials. If you are thinking of incorporating steel in your home interior but don’t have an idea how without overdoing it, you can get useful tips here.

Bed frame

A wrought iron bed frame is a beautiful addition to your bedroom. You can even outfit it with steel posts where you can put a canopy over the bed for a more elegant and old-world look. A dark-colored iron bed frame with white sheets creates an excellent look for the bedroom. The mix of soft and hard is appealing; it gives off a look of comfort and strength.


If you have kids at home, a fireplace can be a hazard, but with steel railings that you put while there is no fire, you can keep them out of the fireplace. Pokers are also made of iron, as iron is very resistant to heat.


Your staircase is one of the areas where you can have fun with iron. Compared to a wood railing, steel does not require strict and regular maintenance. As long as the rails’ paint job is in good condition, you really only need to wipe down the rails to eliminate any dirt and dust.


Balusters protect your family – especially the kids – from falling. What better way to beautify this safety feature than to use iron? You have a variety of designs to choose from pre-made balusters, or you can get your own design made. Pair them with the stair railings, and you will have a unique fixture that only you have. You can also customize the colors to suit your home interior and your taste.

Furniture and fixtures

Steel and wrought iron pieces of furniture are all the rage these days. From couch legs to clawfoot tubs to tables and chairs, they provide an elegant look to any room. Fixtures such as candle holders, chandeliers and plant potholders add more beauty and elegance to your home interior. Your guests will always be in awe of your home with your iron and steel items that go well with other materials. Wrought iron is very durable so that you can have your iron fixtures and furniture for a really long time.

Sites such as smartsteels.co.uk offer a wide variety of steel decorative items that you can take a look at. If you have a specific design in mind, you can work with your steel maker to make it come true. They will customize your order to your specifications. Steel is a very durable material, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it often. It will last for decades, and if used indoors, it will last longer, as it will not take the brunt of the changing weather.

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