What Are Custom Stand Up Pouches and Where To Find Them

Are you looking for pouches with a specific size and design but can’t seem to find your preferred specification? Are you looking for a flexible and high-quality packaging that will fit your product’s dimension? Why not try looking at the custom stand up pouches from PouchWorth and see if they have what you are searching for.

What is Custom Stand Up Pouches?

Custom stand up pouches are customizable bags used for packaging products such as foods and snacks, liquid and gels, industrial parts, chemicals, pharmaceutical and many more. Stand up pouches protects your product against moisture, oxygen, contamination or infestation in stylish design based upon your packaging needs. PouchWorth sells FDA approved stand up pouches either stock designs or customize to your business needs. If you need an exact dimension for your unique product, they offer custom size pouches ready in just two (2) weeks upon purchase.

Custom Size Pouches

Whether you need a big pouch to meet your product’s dimension or high enough to protect your medical devices, they got you covered. Just tell them your exact specifications and they will apply it technically and aesthetically. At PouchWorth, you can take advantage of the below features and benefits if you avail their custom size pouches:

  • Low Minimum Order of 5,000 Pouches – with just 5,000 pieces, you can order custom design pouches which is very helpful especially if you are a start-up or small business. Other suppliers’ minimum order is beyond this number.
  • Shorter Lead Times – as mentioned, you can get your custom stand up pouches in just two (2) weeks after the deal.
  • Variety of Materials to Choose From – there are over 40 barrier materials available when customizing your stand-up pouches. Depending on the type of product you have, pouches will be crafted with the right material that meets your desired outcome.
  • Full Compliance – PouchWorth’s product are fully certified by FDA, Kosher, RoSH, BPA Free and other compliance agencies.
  • Convenient Pouch Features – Custom stand up pouches feature various type of reclosable zippers either flange, powder, string, heavy duty or child-resistant zipper. Other features include hang holes, degassing valve, tin-ties and tear notches.

Custom Printed Pouches

Wanted to add graphics and labels to an already elegant looking stand up pouches? PouchWorth also offers custom printing retail ready in just four (4) weeks. You can avail of this offer and benefit on the following features:

  • Low Minimum Order Quantity – same with custom size order, the minimum order quantity of custom printed pouches is 5,000.
  • Short Lead Times – order turnaround time is as low as four (4) weeks. This is incredibly low as compared to other suppliers that usually takes ten (10) weeks.
  • Various Printing Methods – Different printing methods will be used depending on your stand-up pouches’ specification. It’s either digital, flexographic or cylinder printing.
  • Low Costs – custom printed pouches start at zero to $295 per color and that will depend on the printing method used.
  • Graphic Setup Assistance – they will assist you in setting up your art or graphic design if you don’t have one.

PouchWorth offers very competitive pricing because they have control over the end to end process from manufacturing to printing. Below are their pricing criteria:

  • Quantity ordered – minimum order is 5,000 but the more you buy, the more you save. They can adjust the price depending on the number of orders as well as material used.
  • Configuration and complexity of the chosen design – the more complex it is to create, the higher the price. So, just focus on the features that are important to your packaging needs.
  • Graphic design setup – of course, the price will be a little higher if you avail their graphic design setup. It’s an advantage if you are also a graphic artist.
  • Printing Methods – they have three printing methods at different prices. Each of them has unique capabilities. Depending on your preference, you can choose either of the three below:
    • Digital – has zero setup costs but higher rate per printed pouch, less reduction even if you have higher quantity orders.
    • Plate – starts at $175 per color setup and lower price per unit. Recommended for most clients.
    • Cylinder – starts at $295 per color setup, lower unit costs but longer lead time.

Other Benefits of Custom Stand Up Pouches

Many entrepreneurs are starting to use custom stand up pouches because of their flexibility and practicality. If you want to take your product to the next level, then switch to custom stand up pouches now! Aside from its versatility, stand up pouches have many advantages as follows:

  • Cost reduction – because of it’s made of plastic, stand up pouches can be pack flat, hence saves storage space. The truck can also carry higher numbers of pouches as compared to bottles, cans, and jars during transport from one place to another. Overall, you can save storage and transportation cost on top of the lower cost of using a custom stand up pouches as compared to traditional packaging like folder cartons, metal tins, glass jars, etc. Less costs means more income.
  • Product safety and sustainability – stand up pouches are environment-friendly. You can opt to create pouches out of bio-degradable and compostable materials. Also, because it’s lightweight, it also saves fuel emission during transportation from warehouse to other location or vice versa. Whether your product is frozen foods or industrial chemicals, stand up pouches will keep them safe and protected against moisture, contaminants, UV rays, oxygen, and any other infestation.
  • Stylish and Cool Custom Design – stand up pouches have a rainbow of colorful options and sizes to choose from that makes them more attractive to consumers when placed in a shelf or hang in pegboards. Consumers are familiar with the standard stand up pouch that can be folded when empty. Actually, there are a variety of designs available like 3-seal, 2-seal, and square bottoms to name a few.

Now that you know where to find what you are looking for and is also more convincing with its features and benefits, why not try it now. Check out PouchWorth to learn more.

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