What Are The Different Types Of Lawyers?

Most of us know what a lawyer is, but did you know that not all lawyers do the same thing? There are various types of lawyers that specialize in different kinds of law. Understanding those types is essential to finding the right lawyer to represent your case.

Below is a brief overview of just a few of the types of lawyers available.

Personal Injury

A personal injury lawyer helps clients who have a physical or emotional injury. They aim to help their clients receive compensation for their injuries. To do so, a strong case that highlights why their client deserves compensation will be made to settle most cases without the need to go to court.

Estate Planning

An estate planning lawyer deals with the estate of an individual as well as their wills and retirement plans. They also look over charitable donations to help their clients have the best advice on donations to make. These lawyers understand tax laws, real-estate, and a series of other equities and will work with specialists in finance and insurance to give the best advice possible.


Bankruptcy lawyers assist individuals, also known as debtors, in repaying their creditors. This process involves filing the necessary paperwork to the court on time. Failing to do so will result in the case being dropped. A bankruptcy lawyer will also outline the most beneficial type of bankruptcy for the debtor so that they can settle their debt with as little issues as possible.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property lawyers help their clients protect their patents, franchises, and other assets that involve some type of intellectual capital. The lawyer will also advise how to strengthen their client’s portfolio with creative ideas. They will represent their clients in patent and trademark courts around the world to help protect their intellectual property.


A criminal lawyeroversees representing a client that has been accused of committing a crime. The crime scene, witnesses, and any other information pertinent to the case will be analyzedto develop an argument that favours their client. Another term for a criminal lawyer is a defence lawyer.


An immigration lawyer assists clients in obtaining visas or helping a business establish itself on foreign soil. They also assist their clients in obtaining a green card or full citizenship by guiding them through every step of the process after analyzing their situation. The lawyer handles all paperwork and necessary files that need to be presented to the court.


Tax attorneys assist their clients with any tax laws (property, federal, gift, income, and so on) that are causing them issues. Negotiations to favour the client’s case will be performed at all levels of government. Tax attorneys always stay up to date with tax laws to give the best advice possible in any case presented.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawyers deal with the negligence of any medical professional that has harmed their client. Medical records and case merits are analyzed to get a better understanding of how the plaintiff ended up in their current situation. These types of lawyers will also set up their own medical examinations for the plaintiff to understandthe severity of their injury.

How Can You Find Out What Type Of Cases A Lawyer Handles?

Most firms will list their specialty along with their name. For instance, you may see something like, “Defence Lawyer – Gambriani Law,” this makes it easy to guess this is a criminal defence firm. Some firms also have lawyers that can cover more than one case type.

When searching for a lawyer always be sure to specify your case type. A lawyer specialized in your case type is far more likely to be qualified than a general lawyer who handles various case types.


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