Which Disposable Gloves to Choose

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Every home maker needs disposable gloves; they come in handy in countless ways. Since there are so many different reasons that people use disposable gloves, there are many different types of gloves; different ones can be used at different times. The 3 most popular types of gloves are Latex gloves, Vinyl gloves, and Nitrile gloves.

Latex gloves are constructed from natural rubber and offer the highest level of comfort, as well as optimum flexibility, fit and tactile sensitivity. These gloves protect against bacteria and viruses. If you are looking for gloves that allow for precise work, Latex gloves are a great option. However, repeated use of Latex gloves can cause one to get an allergic reaction to it. For this reason, many individuals who are employed in medical fields and required to wear gloves end up being allergic to them.

Therefore, they have to change to another type of gloves; either Vinyl or Nitrile. These are the most popular other options of gloves that aren’t made from Latex

Nitrile gloves are not comprised of natural material; rather, they’re constructed of man-made material. They have a nice stretch, like latex, yet are still strong and won’t cause allergic reactions. They are considered to be very puncture resistant. They can protect against chemicals and viruses, so they’re perfect to wear when changing diapers. 

Vinyl gloves are also known as synthetic gloves since they are constructed from synthetic material. They are a relatively cheap option and are comfortable as well. They can protect against chemicals. 

Aside from these three types of gloves, there are many other options as well. There are powdered gloves and non-powdered gloves. Powdered gloves are more easy to get on and off, but powder-free gloves are less likely to cause allergies. If you are a doctor or any type of medical professional, it is advised that you not choose powdered gloves, and go with powder-free gloves instead. If you are a mommy, choose the ones you’d prefer.

Disposable gloves should not be reused. If your glove gets torn, dirty, or has been used for hours on end, it is best to change pairs. Also, if you sneeze or cough into your glove, you may want to swap it for a new pair. 

If you’re looking for disposable gloves, the most important points to consider are that they fit well, won’t give you an allergic reaction, and are comfortable. 

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