Woodworking Tips for Moms

As a mother, you may not have a whole lot of experience working with wood. Typically, men do most the woodwork around the house, however more and more women are taking an interest in the hobby also. Keeping that in mind, we have some basic tips that will help beginners that are interested in woodwork to get the most out of it.

Make sure the wood grain matches

When you are joining two pieces of wood together, in the process of making a frame for example. When you join the two pieces of wood at the end together, you want to make sure that the wood color and grain pattern are the same. This allows the frame to look more appealing than rather than having different colored wood and having grain patterns that do not match. If you make the mistake of using different color wood then you can always paint over it.

Use coconut oil to refinish wood

If you have any wooden material around the house that is losing its shine and look then you can use coconut oil to add more life to it. Similar to the wonders coconut oil does for your hair, it hydrates the wood making it shine and really stand out. Much more than other oil you would find especially as compared to vegetable oil.

Avoid runs and sags in your finish

It is quite annoying when you have the perfect piece of furniture finished but ruin it with runs and sags when you use the finisher. It completely ruins the whole look of the furniture. So no matter if you are spraying or brushing on the finisher, you want to do the process in an area where there is reflective light that reflects off the wood. This will allow you to notice as soon as an area starts to sag or run. As soon as you spot an area, you can use your brush rectify the problem.

Gluing wood together

Many people make the mistake of putting too much glue or having it run off the wood when they glue two pieces of wood together. When gluing two pieces of wood, you need to ensure that the glue is strong and doesn’t leave too thick of a space between the wood. When you glue the two pieces together use the following steps:

  • Pick wood that is milled well with no spots and clean surface.
  • Apply glue to both pieces of wood, at the end that will be glued together.
  • Apply just enough glue, don’t overdo it on the glue, if you put too much then dab some off with a piece of cloth.
  • You can then clamp the two pieces together.

You can purchase slow glue that will give you a little more time before the glue dries up so you can align and get the wood properly fitted together. If you can’t find any then you can make your own by adding a little water to the glue.

If you do not have clamps to hold the piece of wood together or if they are too small for clamps, then you can use your hands. You need to hold the two pieces of wood together for a minute or two with a little force. Just enough so that it stays in one place. Then leave it alone for about 30 minutes so it dries off and sticks together.

If you have gaps in the area of the two glued wooden pieces then you can use the handle end of a screwdriver or any other soft handled tool and rub the area so that it closes together. Be sure to do this after you have allowed the glue to dry off.
Woodworking is a wonderful hobby that takes time and effort to really perfect. The more you practice it, the better you will get at it. You can look for help at Woodworkingfuel.com, where you can get more tips and material that will help you perfect the art of woodworking.

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