Are “Baby on Board” Stickers Really Causing More Accidents?

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Ever since you brought your newborn home in your car, you have been dreaming about all the places you will visit together as a family. You know you will have to adjust your car trips to the times when the baby is not feeding, and know that you will pack a diaper bag even for the shortest errands. You are also imagining all the times your baby will fall asleep in the car, or the times when you will have to take your baby for a ride just to make sure they fall asleep, even if just for a short while.

The “Baby on Board” Sticker Goes On

You are so excited about the new addition to your family that you rush out and by a “Baby on Board” sticker to announce the great news to the whole entire world. You are convinced that it is extremely important to let all drivers around you know that there is a small human being riding in the car. This way, everyone will drive much more carefully around you and the baby will be safe. The question is, do these stickers help achieve that objective, or do they actually cause more accidents? Let’s have a look.

What is the “Baby on Board” sticker designed to do?

By design, the aim of these stickers is to encourage other drivers to pay attention and drive more carefully around a vehicle that has one on display. Another point in favor of these stickers is the idea that other drivers will be aware of the fact that there is a baby on board, and this will serve as a notice to get immediate help in case of an accident.

Where should the sticker be placed?

Obviously, you want the sign to be easy to spot. But thinking only about how the sticker looks to those on the outside, should not let you forget that your visibility while driving is much more important. You can’t allow the sign to obscure your vision, and this goes for any other type of clutter that does not allow you to see clearly while driving.

What problems do these signs cause?

Many parents leave the stickers on way beyond the first years of the lives of their kids. Also, parents use the car when their babies are not in it. But the worst problem is the fact that other drivers may be distracted by the sign and lose control of their vehicles. Between distraction for one driver and a blind spot for the other, this is certainly a recipe for a crash.

“Baby on Board” Stickers Cause Many Accidents Every Year

Studies have shown that as many as 2 million accidents per year can be blamed on “Baby on Board” stickers. That translates into one out of every 20 accidents relating to the baby sticker. Although obviously it is very difficult to pinpoint whether the sign is the only thing to blame when these accidents take place.

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