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Caviar is rich in protein and is primarily found near the Caspian sea. You can purchase this nutritious food that is a fish egg found in the Caspian Sea. We find salmon, steelhead, trout, lumpfish, and whitefish in the Caspian sea. The physical features of these fishes are different, so their eggs vary in texture, color, and size. Caspian Monarque is the one-stop destination where we can buy Caviar Online. Here you can find a variety of Iranian Caviar at affordable fixed rates. Here are some reasons why you should purchase Caviar from us.

Benefits of Purchasing Caviar from us

  • Wide variety of Caviar:- Since Caviar is found only near the Caspian sea, it is very rare to get it offline stores every place. Caspian Monarque offers a great platform to purchase Caviar online. Here you can get a variety of caviars of different fishes that are found in the Caspian sea.
  • Standard quality of products:-The Company follows the strict import and export quality of products. Every Caviar pack undergoes a product quality assurance test; only then are they made available for purchase online. That is why purchasing caviar from our e-commerce site is of the highest quality.
  • Affordable fixed rates: – The rate of Caviar we provide is affordable and cheap, unlike other offline stores. The reason is that there is no brokerage or additional costs that are levied to our customers. That is why you can get Caviar at a cheap rate from us.

Uses of Caviar

  • In Cakes: – In Russia, to add saltiness to the cake, Caviar is used. Caviars are available in a variety of colors, which makes them look attractive. Pancakes made in Russia are decorated with Caviar, which makes them nutritious and good in flavor.
  • Pizzas: – Pizzas is the most favorite party time food across the world. We can find toppings of Caviar on Iranian pizzas.
  • Garnishing foods: – Caviar is used for garnishing many dishes in Iran and France. These foods are made on special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

Eating Caviar has many advantages. Firstly it is rich in protein and minerals. Caspian sea is salty and consists of many inorganic salts in water. The presence of these mineral salts makes this Caviar salty. It does not matter in whichever country you are located in. You can order Caviar online from our site. We are the largest exporter of Caviar and have been ranked No.1 for providing the best quality of Caviar across the world. In case you are looking for fresh Caviar, then you must order it online from Caspian Monarque. Caviar is used for garnishing food, toppings in pizzas, and pancakes. These fish eggs are rich in protein and minerals. Eating them would keep us healthy and fit. They are salty by non-iodized salts, which make them more nutritious. The packing is done properly, and the standard of quality is kept in place. Increase your energy, stamina, and immunity by eating Caviar.

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