8 Effective Tips For A Healthy Relationship

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We all want to be in a healthy and happy relationship. But how much are we willing to work towards it? Because relationships require a lot of work. They aren’t built in a day; it takes years of patience, communication, forgiveness, and understanding to establish a healthy relationship.

Here on Unbrave Girl, you can find a lot of helpful advice on relationships, marriages, dating and more. But also, I have a few tried and tested suggestions that will help you and your partner towards building a strong relationship.

1. Communicate Everything

I cannot stress the importance of communicating openly with your partner and about everything. Communication bridges the gap between misunderstanding and helps you develop empathy for your partner.

You should directly ask for what you want, need and expect from the relationship. Talk openly about your feelings both good and bad. Also, to make a relationship last you must constantly develop your communication skills.

2. Listen Actively

The second important thing is to listen effectively and actively to what your partner has to say. Not only does this boost their self-esteem but also develops a bond of trust between both of you. If you don’t listen actively, chances are you won’t understand your partner effectively. Which leads to an unsuccessful interaction, and your partner may feel neglected.

3. Accept Your Differences

No two people are alike, this is the same for couples too. If you try to change your partner, both of you may drift away from each other. Being with a person who perceives the world differently from you could be an adventure instead of a hindrance. It allows you to explore a different dimension within yourself. So, recognize, accept and celebrate your differences.

4. Respect Your Partner

Treating your partner with respect is probably the most important thing. You must respect them for who they are, their choices and opinions even if you don’t agree with them. Also, disrespecting your partner in social gatherings or in the presence of a third person is the biggest problem in the way of a healthy relationship. 

5. Apologize From Your Heart

Don’t apologize simply for the sake of it, make it count. Because a meaningless sorry is better than no sorry. You should recognize your mistake and understand why your partner may feel anger or hurt towards it. Only then a genuine apology from the heart can be received from you.

6. Give Each Other Space

You cannot possibly hog all of your partner’s time. For a healthy relationship, it’s important to give each other space and take out some time for yourself. This allows you to explore and grow as a person which then reflects in your relationship.

7. Leave Distractions Behind

Once in a while you should give yourself a mental vacation from work and life which drains your energy so much you aren’t present with your partner. Switch off your phone and leave other distractions at bay for a few hours of the day and be present with your partner. Listen to them truly and talk beyond the typical “how was your day” communication.

This makes both you and your partner feel more seen and important. Also, it lets you learn about your relationship and realize where it needs work. 

8. Make Time For Each Other

You shouldn’t stop making time for each other. Because with time, the effort you need to put in your relationship needs to be more than what it used to be. However busy your lives may get, choose a day just for both of you. 

It isn’t necessary to keep doing the same things which you did at the beginning of your relationship. You can find new and creative ways to spend time with each other rather than the same old “movie and lunch/dinner” to keep things fresh.

Now that you know the 8 best tips for a healthy relationship, start putting those into practice.

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