Everything You Need To Know About Cat Food In 2019

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If you care for your cat and want to know the basics of feline nutrition, then this is the article for you. There is so much misinformation out there, and it can confuse anyone who loves their cat and wants to provide them with a good diet. Here are the facts you need to know about cat food and how it contributes to the health and well-being of your furry friend.


Your cat’s diet represents the building blocks of optimum health, which includes a balance of both wet and dry foods, plus the occasional treat for those special moments when you want to show a little extra attention. Putting a small amount of thought into what brand to feed your cats will pay big dividends over their lifetime.

High-quality cat foods aim to provide them with preventative nutrition. When the contents of their food contain optimum levels of species-appropriate, nutritious ingredients, your cat’s health will flourish. It’s essential to give your cat a mix of both wet and dry food because cats have an inherently low thirst drive. Water is only accessible to them in the proper quantities when they eat wet food.

This is because during their development, cats used to subsist on hunting for prey. The normal prey cats hunt for consists of around 75% water. In our modern times, cats don’t have the opportunity to catch prey as they would in the wild, which is why they need to have a diet that includes wet food.

What Should My Cat’s Food Contain?

If you want to know what your cat food contains, a general rule is to look carefully at the list of ingredients on the packaging. They will be graded from the first ingredient on the list, down to the other ingredients in order of the amount the food contains. Both the ingredients themselves, plus the order in which they are placed are essential.

  • What is the named source of protein? They should be high sources of taurine like chicken liver or heart, or salmon.
  • Does it contain any carbohydrate fillers? Cats are obligate carnivores which means they do not need and can’t process grains.
  • What is the named source of fat? Premium brands will include lean meats as well as nutritious oils.
  • Does it have surplus vitamins and minerals that have been added as preservatives?
  • Have high-taurine ingredients been added to the cat food? All of your cat’s food should contain this because they need it for good health.

Prepare for Your Cat’s Healthy Food

All cat owners know that moment of panic when you return home and realize you have run out of cat food. It’s not easy to promise your cat will have a healthy diet when it’s crying for something to eat. If this ever happens, you can run to the corner store for one pack of wet food, but don’t make it a habit. As soon as you have the time, order them a premium brand made with natural ingredients online: your cat will thank you.

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