Looking for the Perfect Family Car?

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Cars have been getting better and better every year and today we have some of the most accomplished family vehicles to have ever existed. Read any Honda CR-V Hybrid review and you’ll see the advancements in technology that make the combination of family cars and alternative power such a brilliant option. And today, there is a near infinite selection of family cruisers to choose from, and automakers are continuously debuting new models to bolster and diversify their ranges. The immense selection of choice can make actually choosing one really tough, so here we look at some of the most pertinent characteristics a consummate family car should possess, and list some of the best of the best. 

Five Things To Consider When Buying a Family Car

The new Honda SUV range is, like every other family ute lineup on the market, comprehensive. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a feasible family car:

  • Driving Experience – Family cars need to deliver modest performance, be easy to drive, compliant, and soft on the road and, of course, absolutely safe. This can be determined by the steering rigor, accelerator and brake pedal feel, and the outward visibility of the car, all of which can also be affected by the car’s size. These factors will affect how easy the car is to drive around and maneuver into parking spaces particularly in urban settings. While comfort and safety are typically prioritised, there are also family cars that are relatively fun to drive.
  • Safety Levels – This will obviously be priority number one for anyone looking for a family car in specific. With the stringent safety standards in the USA, automakers have been going above and beyond to make their vehicles as safe as possible. It will therefore be quite easy finding a car with consummate crashworthiness and safety ratings and readily outfitted with advanced driver-assist systems and safety features. 
  • Livability – Large doors or, in some cases, sliding doors, make for easy ingress and egress to and from the cabin which is something you definitely want to consider if you’re going to be making use of a child seat. A foot-activated or electronic tailgate is also something to think about especially if you often find yourself with your hands full. You will also want to ensure that there’s enough cargo space for everyone that regularly travels in the cars’ stuff. Finally, you’ll also want to see how versatile the seats are in the car, checking how adjustable they are, if there are different seating configurations (two-row, three-row, captain’s chairs etc).
  • Running Costs – New cars are always offered with limited warranty-coverage, but whether you’re shopping new or second hand, you will want to do some research on user-reviews pertaining to reliability and common problems, and you’ll want to see if the cars you’re looking at have ever been subject to any recalls. This will help ensure that you don’t buy a car that will end up breaking the bank due to ongoing maintenance and repair bills.
  • Entertainment – Creature comforts are the best way to keep the kids entertained and from distracting you as the driver. Fortunately, most cars, even in base model spec, are offered with infotainment systems that are pre-installed with numerous smartphone connectivity options and many speakers splayed throughout the cabin. Some cars can also be outfitted with back seat entertainment systems which are great for road trips or long distance journeys. 

The Five Best Family Runabouts

Being that SUVs and crossovers are the most popular types of vehicles in the USA right now, a lot of the chosen vehicles do fall into those categories.

  • Honda CR-V – Honda’s CR-V is a five-passenger or two-row crossover SUV praised for its pleasant and balanced handling, and most importantly, for the unprecedented versatility and practicality of its cabin and trunk.
  • Kia Telluride – If you’re looking for a good eight-seater, the three-row Kia Telluride is hands down the most handsome, commodious, and just well-rounded option out there, especially under the $50,000 mark. 
  • Volvo XC90 – If there’s one thing Volvo is known for, it’s pioneering the crashworthiness and safety fundamentals within the automotive sphere. With that, there’s no wonder as to why the Volvo XC90 is one of, if not, the safest cars on the road. 
  • Chrysler Pacifica – Minivans may not be all too popular in the US, but there’s no doubt that they’re some of the best family vehicles money can buy. The Chrysler Pacifica is perhaps, in every regard, the best family car money can buy, bested only by the hybrid version of itself. 
  • Toyota Corolla – We can’t have a list of family cars and not have a sedan in it. If you’re looking for something that carries a sporty yet sophisticated aesthetic ideal for the working man/woman, is a feasible family runabout for the school runs and weekend excursions, and will just about never break down, the Toyota Corolla is your answer.

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