3 Most Important Household Lights

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As homeowners, we all want to create a comfortable, productive, and presentable space to live in. However, doing so is no easy feat. Just as each room in the house serves a different function — whether it be for relaxation in the bedroom or welcoming guests in living and dining areas — lighting fixtures vary in uses as well. Thus, it is very important to consider different types, uses and forms of lighting fixtures when you are in the market for illuminating devices. 

Hence, if you want to know more about the different kinds and uses of light fixtures that are usual staples in every household, read on and let us at Light and Living shed some light on the matter. 


At the top of our list are chandeliers!

Quite appropriately so, since chandeliers are possibly the first light fixtures you will encounter once you enter someone’s home. Traditionally placed near entrances and areas where guests are received, chandeliers serve as both a statement of affluence and as decorative element what will supplement the interior design on any room. 

However, there is a common misconception among these ornately designed light pieces. Due to its grandeur, most people think chandeliers are supposed to be expensive, crystal-studded and grand. Hence, pragmatists tend to frown upon these elegant fixtures. Even so, the truth is chandeliers are not meant to be reserved for the rich and wealthy only.

The modern chandelier lights nowadays lean towards simpler and minimalist designs and chandeliers are not exempted from this. Gradually, preferred designs shifted towards more basic styles opting to favor small but bright LED bulbs in place of crystals and soft and subtle metalwork in place of decorative gold and silver frames. 

Picture Lights

Although barely noticeable, picture lights are one of the common light fixtures found in every household, especially on one that puts high value on art. 

Typically mounted on walls, these often small and plain-looking wall lights are used to highlight wall decorations like paintings, family pictures, portraits, and other art-installations. These often come in colors that match the colors of the wall or are basic-toned such as whites, beige, blacks and metallic hues.

When selecting wall lights, you should account not only for the inconspicuous and almost-invisible design of the product but also learn to check it lumen capacity. If to be placed in a space where natural light is abundant, small lights with low lumen capacity may be appropriate but if the room will be dimly-lit without access to sunlight, then go for photo lights that come in sets of 2 or 3 with high lumen capacity each. 

Wall Lights

On the other hand, wall lights are lamps that are typically mounted on walls. There are two types of this light fixture – outdoor wall lights and indoor wall lights.
Outdoor wall lights tend to be big, waterproof and dust-proof and are often built using sturdier materials so that they may withstand being exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. Conversely, indoor wall lamps are more decorative, detailed and delicate. They tend to be more fashionable rather than functional as they are often combined with other artificial sources of light indoors.

Thus, all in all when it comes to choosing necessary household lights, it is important to consider both function and fashion and learn how to blend them together perfectly. 

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