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September 2021 is here, which means we are officially at the start of the fall season. The weather is slowly beginning to change, the colors in the environment are turning, and most importantly, your wardrobe will soon need a revamp. The change in season will give you a chance to wear your favorite coats and jackets again! Also, it is a great time to shop for some fall outerwear that will see you all the way through the winter.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some must-have coats and jackets for the coming season — from the commonly worn traditions to the not-so-common trends that are coming up. Have a look!

Heated jackets are a lifesaver

Sometimes plain padding simply isn’t enough to get you through the cold. For people who have a lower body temperature than others and are prone to feeling cold, winter can be an extremely difficult and painful time. Also, frostbite, hypothermia, and aggravated arthritis are very real issues that people may face during the cold months.

During harsh weather, when regular coats and jackets prove ineffective, you are left with two options – either to layer up or to opt for a heated jacket. Heated jackets are available in diverse styles, ranging from parkas to fully padded soft hoodies. Thus, finding the perfect heated jacket to protect you from the rain, snow, and dry cold should not be an issue.

You can’t go wrong with denim

Trends come and go, but denim will probably remain forever. Not only are denim jackets extremely comfortable, durable, and incredibly cool, but they are also easy to pair within different outfits. A denim jacket is one fashionably versatile piece of clothing that you can always count on — you can wear a denim jean jacket to an outing with friends or to the office as a perfect complement to your business casual outfit.

You can’t go wrong with denim. Whether you choose a fitted jacket or an oversized one, both look equally good. Also, while everyone loves a blue denim jacket in the fall, black and beige can look pretty chic too.

Long trench coats work with everything

Long coats always radiate a sense of elegance on both men and women. Though long coats were traditionally worn to formal affairs, they are now slowly but surely making their place in casual dressing. Warm, comfy, and sophisticated, long coats are a great choice altogether. Couple it up with a lovely scarf, and you have a combination fit for any occasion.

If you have an office job where you are required to dress formally, consider investing in a long coat this fall.  

Gilets are the new black

Are you wondering what those stylish sleeveless jackets everyone is wearing are called? They are ‘gilets.’ Gilets are a great fashion statement, and much like the other jackets we have mentioned, they go with just about anything. They are available in various styles, and while they do not do much for your arms, they will surely keep your torso nice and toasty.

Leather jackets are timeless

Much like the denim jacket that we talked about, the classic leather jacket also has a charm of its own, which is why your fall and winter wardrobe would be incomplete without it. While those brown and black leather jackets might not keep you that warm, they sure are cool! Do you recall James Dean’s iconic leather jacket look? Remember how yummy John Travolta looked in that black leather jacket in Grease, or how Megan Fox rocked the classic leather jacket in the second film of the Transformers series? You can pull it off too.

If you are a strong advocate for animal rights, do not worry. Many companies nowadays sell faux leather. Faux leather jackets look pretty much the same, serve the same purpose, and are cruelty-free. So you can easily get a timelessly cool jacket that isn’t tainted with the stigma of killing animals.

If you are unsure about where you stand in the genuine leather vs. faux leather debate, find out more now so you can update your fall wardrobe ASAP.


With fall on its way in, your time to shop for new jackets and coats has come. Own this season! Dressing well will give your confidence and self-esteem a much-needed boost, which will do wonders for your mental health. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be warm. After all, you do not want to spend your days lying in bed, too sick to appreciate the beauty unfolding outdoors, as the leaves turn orange and cover the ground, forming the perfect frame for your Instagram-worthy shot.

We have already explored some timeless and some not-so-classic coats and jackets that you may want to consider in 2021. So dress chic, stay comfortable, and enjoy the coming change in weather.

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